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Fabulous facts about Australia

Link to Australia Through Time

Australia through Time
The history of Australia from a geological perspective can be viewed at Australia through Time.

Map showing land tenure categories. Copyright Geoscience Australia.

Land Tenure
A complex mosaic of land tenure stretches across Australia, comprising freehold, leasehold and Aboriginal land as well as reserves for nature conservation, forestry, water and recreation. Discover how much land is dedicated as nature conservation reserve and the proportion of public to privately-held land.

Cape Byron, New South Wales

While the dimensions of Australia are striking, the country is, in fact, the smallest of the continents. It also is the lowest, the flattest and, apart from Antarctica, the driest.

Central Australian landscape

The Australian landscape is extremely distinctive, with a variety of landforms ranging from extensive plains and plateaux behind narrow coastal uplands in the east to great expanses of sandy and stony desert and low tablelands in the arid centre and the west. Discover how many deserts there are in Australia, which is its highest mountain, the location of the tallest waterfall and other information.

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