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The winners of the Top Geoshot 2011 Photographic Competition have been announced.

Top Geoshot is an event which takes place in the run up to and during Earth Science Week. The competition asked for a photograph that captures the essence of Earth science in Australia.

The criteria specified that the photograph will be judged on quality, creativity, aesthetics and fit with the “Earth Science” theme.

Geoscience Australia received 185 entries for this competition from all over Australia, including one from St Louis, USA. All entries received are on display in Geoscience Australia’s Foyer.

An Overall Winner, a ‘People’s Choice’ and 10 additional winners were selected.

Overall Winner

GeoShot 2011 Overall Winner - Meltstreams on the Lambert Glacier - Ryan Ruddick

© Geoscience Australia

Meltstreams on the Lambert Glacier - Ryan Ruddick
Lambert Glacier, Australian Antarctic Territory

People’s Choice Award

GeoShot 2011 People's Choice Award - Tidal River - John Gallagher

© Geoscience Australia

Tidal River - John Gallagher
Wilson’s Promontory National Park, Victoria

Other Winners

GeoShot 2011 Reflections in Mt Oxide Creek - Danielle Robertson

© Geoscience Australia

Reflections in Mt Oxide Creek - Danielle Robertson
Mt Oxide Creek, Gunpowder, Queensland

GeoShot 2011 Rocking Disguise - Allison Thomas

© Geoscience Australia

Rocking Disguise - Allison Thomas
Ormiston Gorge National Park, Northern Territory

GeoShot 2011 Metamorphic bend - Matt Kayes

© Geoscience Australia

Metamorphic bend - Matt Kayes
Western Arthur Range, South West Tasmania

GeoShot 2011 Down the Cliff - Serena Green

© Geoscience Australia

Down the Cliff - Serena Green Tasmania

GeoShot 2011 Fault - Engin Cevek

© Geoscience Australia

Fault - Engin Cevek
Capital Circle Road Cut, Canberra Australian Capital Territory

GeoShot 2011 Frozen Pond - Tim Bolton

© Geoscience Australia

Frozen Pond - Tim Bolton
Wilkes, Antarctica

GeoShot 2011 Barron Falls - Danielle Robertson

© Geoscience Australia

Barron Falls - Danielle Robertson
Cairns/Kuranda, northern Queensland

GeoShot 2011 Pilbara - Nina Pearse-Hawkins

© Geoscience Australia

Pilbara - Nina Pearse-Hawkins
Central Pilbara , Western Australia

GeoShot 2011 Elephant rocks - Wayne Fuller

© Geoscience Australia

Elephant rocks - Wayne Fuller
William Bay National Park, Denmark, Western Australia

GeoShot 2011 Pile of Rocks - Tim Bolton

© Geoscience Australia

Pile of Rocks - Tim Bolton
Casey, Antarctica

Congratulations to all the Top Geoshot Winners for 2011. Details for Top Geoshot 2012 Photographic Competition will be released in March 2012.

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