Teacher Programs

Geoscience Australia knows that helping teachers to better understand and teach the earth sciences will lead to better experiences for budding science and geography students. Throughout the year Geoscience Australia hosts earth science related programs and events for teachers. These initiatives focus on the skills and knowledge needed to teach geoscience topics within the Australian National Curriculum.

Three teachers explaining a model they have created with a piece of paper, skewers and beads to describe earthquake depth.

Teachers investigating the depth of earthquakes during a professional learning session.

Monday 9 December 2019

TESEP session: Rocks for beginners and lab techs

A guided journey through the rock cycle from intrusion to mineralised veins, volcano to sediment and everything in-between and how we mine and utilise Earth resources. This session is targeted at teachers who are new to teaching this topic, together with lab techs; no question will be too silly.

To book contact the ACT TESEP coordinator Rebecca Cashmere: ACT_coord@tesep.org.au

Two adults sitting at a table, one looking at a piece of rock using a hand lens and the other looking on

Teachers looking at a rock sample during a professional learning session.

Tuesday 10 December 2019

TESEP session: Canberra fieldtrip

This field trip will take teachers to a variety of sites in Canberra that can be used for short excursions. Teachers will learn about the geological features of each site and undertake a task that could be used by students. The activities will be targeted towards Year 11 and 12 students, although teachers of Years 7-10 will also find it valuable.

To book contact the ACT TESEP coordinator Rebecca Cashmere: ACT_coord@tesep.org.au

Person standing in front of a rock cutting which has many different coloured layers.

Greg explaining the State Circle road cutting on the Canberra field trip.


The Teacher Earth Science Education Programme (TESEP) runs professional learning sessions across the country. For further information about programmes in your state visit https://tesep.org.au. In Western Australia similar sessions are available from Earth Science Western Australia see http://www.earthsciencewa.com.au/.