Teacher Programs

Geoscience Australia knows that helping teachers to better understand and teach the earth sciences will lead to better experiences for budding science students. Throughout the year Geoscience Australia hosts earth science related programs and events for teachers. These initiatives focus on the skills and knowledge needed to teach the earth science subjects within the Australian National Curriculum.

Upcoming teacher professional learning sessions:

Thursday 3rd August

TESEP session: Plate Tectonics

This PD explains how the theory of Plate Tectonics was developed and how this relatively new paradigm not only explains why the Earth is so dynamic but also how it can be used to reconstruct the past appearance of the planet, predict the most likely locations of mineral and hydrocarbon deposits and explain the distribution patterns of fossil and extant animals and plants.

Friday 4th August

TESEP session: Round and Round with Rocks and 3D visualisation

A guided journey through the rock cycle from intrusion to mineralised veins, volcano to sediment and everything in between. This session will also introduce a new way to access and use high resolution outcrop and rock imagery.

Note: TESEP — Teacher Earth Science Education Programme.
For more information contact the ACT TESEP coordinator, Rebecca Cashmere, ACT_coord@tesep.org.au