Acreage Release 2008

The regular release of offshore acreage is a key part of the Australian Government's strategy to encourage investment in petroleum exploration.

Thirty five new exploration areas, located across five of Australia's offshore sedimentary basins are offered in the 2008 Acreage Release. The release areas range from frontier to mature status and offer opportunities for exploration companies of all sizes.

All the areas are available through a work program bidding system with closing dates for bids six and twelve months from the date of release.

The 2008 exploration areas are in Commonwealth waters offshore from Western Australia and the Northern Territory, and in the Territory of the Ashmore and Cartier Islands.

The release focuses on the North West Shelf, as well as offering two new exploration areas in the Vlaming Sub-basin in the offshore Perth Basin.

Data supporting the 2008 release areas

  • Seismic Workstation Packages 2008
  • Geoscience Australia's Offshore Petroleum Acreage Release Data Room : Seismic data relevant to 2008 acreage release rounds is available in workstation format for viewing and workup in Geoframe ™ and Kingdom ® . Associated digital well data also are accessible.
  • 2008 Offshore Petroleum Exploration Areas CD-ROM: The CD-ROM will assist prospective applicants in preparing an exploration area application. It contains an 'Overview For Applicants', 'Guidance Notes for Applicants', geology summaries and listings of available data including seismic, well and sample data.
    Available at: Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism


Tom Bernecker
Project Manager, Offshore Petroleum Acreage Release
Ph: +61 2 6249 9239

Seismic Workstation Packages 2008

Map of Australia showing seismic lines in the 2008 offshore acreage release areas

Map of Australia showing seismic lines in the 2008 offshore
acreage release areas © Geoscience Australia

In support of the annual offshore acreage release process Geoscience Australia over the last 2 years has provided seismic data in ‘workstation ready’ packages allowing industry to load the data directly into their interpretation platforms saving considerable time and expense.

These are available in in GeoFrame™ 4.3 , Kingdom® 8.2 and Landmark™2003 formats;

  • Containing all available 2D and 3D seismic (8bit) in release areas;
  • Well logs and completion reports in original format;
  • packaged on a 1TB external hard drive.

A regional 2D seismic project, NWS regional, containing interpretation is also contained within the package.

2D projects have been divided into main regional areas and contain culture data such as the regional 250 metre bathymetric grid, shapefiles of the release blocks, oil fields, gas fields and pipelines. Well header information has been loaded into each area project. The well logs are available on the drive for loading as required. 3D surveys are loaded as separate projects.

To order this package and also obtain further information on the included data please Seismic Workstation Packages 2008.


Anne Fleming
Project Manager
Geophysical Analysis and Data Access
Ph: +61 2 6249 9704

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