Acreage Release 2011

The regular release of offshore acreage is a key part of the Australian Government's strategy to encourage investment in petroleum exploration. The 2011 Release Areas are located in Commonwealth waters offshore Northern Territory, Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

A total of twenty-nine new exploration areas in nine offshore sedimentary basins are offered for work program bidding. Closing dates for bid submissions are either six or twelve months after the release date, i.e. 13 October 2011 or 12 April 2012, depending on the exploration status in these areas and on data availability.

The Westralian Superbasin along the North West Shelf, comprising the Bonaparte, Browse, Roebuck and Carnarvon basins, features prominently again in the 2011 Release. These are complemented by two large areas in the Money Shoal Basin, offshore Northern Territory. After a two-year hiatus, new exploration areas are also being offered in the Otway and Gippsland basins, offshore Victoria and Tasmania.

The 2011 Offshore Acreage Release is characterised by large blocks in offshore frontiers, bringing the released acreage to approximately 200 000 km2. Area selection has been undertaken in consultation with industry, the states and Northern Territory. Many areas are close to existing infrastructure while others are located in frontier offshore regions. Therefore, the 2011 Acreage Release is of interest to all exploration companies, whether they are small or large, multinationals, independents or national oil companies.

Data supporting the 2011 Release Areas

  • 2011 Acreage Release Data Packages: Seismic data are available in GeoFrame™, Kingdom® and Landmark™ formats.
    Digital well completion reports and logs for specific wells are available in original format.
    Email:, Phone: +61 2 6249 9222
  • Geoscience Australia's Data Room: Seismic data relevant to the 2011 acreage release round are available in workstation format for viewing and workup in Geoframe™ and Kingdom®. Associated digital well data are also accessible.
  • 2011 Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release website: This site assists prospective applicants in preparing applications for exploration permits. It contains an 'Overview for Applicants', 'Guidance Notes for Applicants', geology summaries and listings of available data including well, drill-core and sample analytical data.
    Available at:


Tom Bernecker
Project Manager, Offshore Petroleum Acreage Release
Phone: +61 2 6249 9239

2011 Acreage Release Data Packages

 Map of Australia showing seismic lines in the 2011 offshore acreage release packages.

Map of Australia showing seismic lines in the 2011 offshore acreage
release packages  © Geoscience Australia

In support of the annual offshore acreage release process, Geoscience Australia has, over the last four years, provided seismic data in a 'workstation ready' package to allow industry to load the data directly into their interpretation platforms; saving considerable time and expense.

These workstation packages are available in GeoFrame™4.5, Kingdom™8.5 and Landmark™2003 formats and are packaged on a 2TB external hard drive that contains:

  • all available open-file 2D and 3D seismic in the release areas
  • well logs, well completion reports, destructive analysis reports and tiff images of scanned well log plots.

Previously delivered limited interpretation over the North West Shelf for the 13 Geoscience Australia surveys are also included.

The 2011 data package contains approximately 47 500 km2 of 3D and 503 000 kms of 2D. 2D projects have been divided into six main regional areas over the acreage and the workstation package has a variety of culture data loaded including well header data, bathymetric, magnetic and gravity grids and/or geo referenced tiffs. This year the well logs for the Perth area have been loaded into the workstation package. All other well logs if available will be located on the 2TB drive as digital files or scanned tiffs. New seismic data for the 2011 release has been loaded primarily as 16 bit. 3D seismic surveys have generally been kept as separate projects except for the Victoria regional project which contains the 3D-Geo 50 metre phase matched merged grid for the Gippsland 3Ds.

Seismic Data Coverage for Release Areas

Map of Australia showing 2011 offshore acreage release areas.

Map of Australia showing 2011 offshore acreage release areas 
© Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism 

Download the 2011 Seismic Workstation Information folder and/or order form containing Excel spreadsheets, kml and shapefiles for all 2D and 3D seismic.


Anne Fleming
Project Leader
Geophysical Analysis and Data Access
Ph: +61 2 6249 9704

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