Petroleum Geology Inventory of Offshore Basins Project


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The aim of this project is to gather, synthesise and analyse available geoscience data and information on the petroleum prospectivity of frontier basins on Australia’s northern, northwestern, southwestern, southern and remote eastern continental margins. The outcome of this will be an inventory of the geology, petroleum systems, exploration status, data coverage, and critical exploration and geoscientific questions for these basins. The information will provide the basis for advice to the Australian Government regarding the exploration status and prospectivity of offshore frontier basins, underpin development of future work programs to encourage investment in offshore exploration by the petroleum industry, and provide all stakeholders with information on the geology and prospectivity of frontier basins in the Australian Maritime Jurisdiction.

The results of the project will be presented as a Geoscience Australia Record, to be published mid-2012, summarising the petroleum geology and exploration status of offshore frontier basins, identifying key exploration issues, and documenting strategies for addressing gaps in knowledge.



Topic contact: Last updated: October 4, 2013