Archive of Aerial Photography - Flight Line Diagrams

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1:250K Map Number: SD5416 1:250K Map Name: HANN RIVER
Flight Path Name Date State Colour or B&W Approx Scale Focal Length/Camera

HANN RIVER Jun-88 QLD B&W unknown unknown
HANN RIVER May-69 QLD B&W 1:83500 RC9 88.35mm/88.40mm
HANN RIVER Jun-88 QLD unknown unknown unknown
HANN RIVER Aug-55 QLD B&W 1:50000 E9 - 152.50mm
HANN RIVER Sep-55 QLD B&W 1:50000 E9 - 152.50mm
FROME Jun-35 QLD B&W unknown F8

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