Updated:  11 January 2015

Australia-Wide Total Intensity Variability

Using data from the six Australian continental magnetic observatories, a contour display of the rate-of-change of magnetic total intensity, F, over the continent is shown below. This provides a broad view of how F changes across Australia. The units shown on the contours are in nanoTesla per hour. The grey squares indicate the locations of the magnetic observatories. Both real-time and historic data can be displayed in this format. All maps are generated from a period of 15 minutes of observatory data and available at 15 minute intervals. Link to supporting documentation (PDF 48KB)

Current Date/Time:
On account of data-processing overheads and the 15m data window, there is a 10-25 minute delay before current-time data can be displayed. By using the "Refresh maps" button or your browser refresh icon a new map will be displayed if available.
Current images

Maps based on 15-minute windows of data acquired within the last six hours are automatically available for viewing either individually or as an animation. The latest of these maps is initially displayed by default.

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Any available data may be viewed in this format by selecting a time and date below.

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Geoscience Australia has tried to make this display as accurate as possible. However, it does not guarantee that the information is totally accurate or complete. See the Supporting Documentation for details of the generation of the displays and their inherent limitations. You should not rely solely on this information when making a commercial or other decision.

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