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Australian Geomagnetic Reference Field (2000 revision AGRF00) (National Geoscience Dataset)

Note : This dataset description is metadata (data about data) which describes the actual dataset in accordance with the ANZLIC (Australia New Zealand Land Information Council) Core Metadata Guidelines Version 2.

Dataset citation

ANZLIC unique identifier: ANZCW0703002396
Title: Australian Geomagnetic Reference Field (2000 revision AGRF00) (National Geoscience Dataset)


Custodian: Geoscience Australia
Jurisdiction: Australia


Abstract: The AGRF is a numerical model of the earths magnetic field over the Australian region. The model can be used to generate single point or gridded values of any element of the magnetic field (e.g., magnetic declination, inclination, or total intensity) together with annual change estimates. The AGRF is valid only for the Australian region, where it is considered to be more accurate than global models such as the International Geomagnetic Reference Field. The version here, AGRF00, is valid for years between 1995 and 2005. AGRF is also provided online. The user must input the latitude, longitude, and elevation of a site together with the year. http:/ FURTHER INFORMATION:- The AGRF represents a combination of the earths main (core) field and the long wavelength crustal field. Local crustal anomolies and disturbances which are external in origin (e.g. magnetic storms) are not represented. The model is based on all available ground, airborne, and satellite vector survey data. Magnetic observatory and repeat station survey data from the region are used to update these main/crustal field data sets and to provide the estimates of annual change. The region modelled is a spherical cap of radius 28 deg centred at 24 degS, 135 degE. Model values outside a radius of 24 deg are considered to be unreliable because of edge effects.

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