Greenhouse Gas Storage

The role of Geoscience Australia in greenhouse gas storage is principally to provide advice to the Australian Government on the geological storage of carbon dioxide, particularly in the areas of policy development and the preparation of legislation and regulations to allow storage to occur. We also provide advice on the selection of sites to be released for exploration for carbon dioxide storage and keep the government informed on international developments.

Latest News

Geoscience Australia has released the first pre-competitive data package for CO2 storage exploration in the Petrel Sub-basin (Bonaparte Basin), northern Australia. The Petrel Sub-Basin Data Package includes a large, high resolution 2D seismic survey (over 4000 line kilometres) and is supported by two other surveys that acquired seafloor and shallow subsurface geophysical and ecological data.

These datasets will be integrated into a multi-disciplinary assessment of the Petrel Sub-basin for CO2 storage. This project, including the acquisition of pre-competitive data was funded through the Australian Government’s National Low Emissions Coal Initiative External site link.

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