Geoscience Australia is playing an important role in developing models, methods, information and tools to analyse hazard risk and impacts as well as building scientific capacity within government and technical agencies in Australia and the region.

Hazard Types

Learn more about hazards, such as bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, landslides, severe weather, tsunami, and volcanoes, as well as nuclear monitoring.

Emergency Management

Discover how emergency managers use information about hazards such as bushfires, cyclones and floods to support prevention, preparation, response and recovery activities.

Risk and Impact Analysis

Learn how a better understanding of risk, exposure and vulnerability can help us model and analysis the potential impact of natural hazards on communities.

Our Capabilities - Hazards

Discover Geoscience Australia's capabilities in the area of hazards and learn more about the type of work we undertake through case studies and examples of our capabilities in action.

Our Techniques - Hazards

Find out about the range of scientific tools, techniques and disciplines Geoscience Australia incorporates to help protect Australia and the Asia Pacific region from the impact of hazards, including modelling, monitoring and data collection.

Governance - Hazards

Discover information on the policy and guidelines applicable in Australia and the Asia Pacific region across hazards and also internationally for monitoring.

Topic contact: hazards@ga.gov.au Last updated: January 9, 2014