Data Collection

Collecting and utilising comprehensive data for risk and impact analysis is essential. The quality of data used in hazard modelling and risk analysis has a significant impact on the reliability of results. Incomplete or inaccurate data inevitably leads to results and assessments with low levels of confidence.

Accurately modelling the likely impacts of events on urban communities is important because it can provide valuable information to emergency managers and assist in disaster mitigation. It also means that Australia will be better able to prepare for, and respond to, natural disasters when they occur.

When natural hazards do occur, they present an opportunity to gather data to support computational modelling of hazards through post disaster surveys. Real events allow us to validate and refine our models. For example, if the impact from a simulated event is aligned with the real impact, we know our model parameters are working well. If they are not, we can look at how we can more closely model true impact. This allows us to improve our models and advice.

Data Acquisition

Topic contact: Last updated: June 20, 2013