What is Tropical Cyclone Risk Model (TCRM)

Geoscience Australia's Tropical Cyclone Risk Model (TCRM) is a statistical and parametric model of tropical cyclone behaviour, designed to simulate the impact of one or many tropical cyclone events. It can be used to simulate many thousands of years of activity to determine the annual exceedence probability of cyclonic winds, or alternatively to examine the impact of a single event on a community.

TCRM has been designed to allow hazard researchers to examine the range of sensitivity to the many parameterised tropical cyclone models in use around the world. It is an open-source software application, envisaged to serve as a standard for comparison to other tropical cyclone hazard models.

TCRM has already been used for several research projects at Geoscience Australia, such as the Coastal Vulnerability Assessment, and investigation into the impacts of Tropical Cyclone Tracy on Darwin in 1974 and 2008.

Topic contact: hazards@ga.gov.au Last updated: July 23, 2013