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Nine graduates were selected into the 2012 Graduate Program. The successful graduates were:

Anna completed a Bachelor of Surveying and Spatial Sciences at the University of Tasmania and followed this with an Honours project using a GPS equipped buoy to measure changes in sea level at Macquarie Island. Anna’s first rotation is working on a project assessing the vulnerability of buildings to earthquakes in Papua New Guinea.

Floyd completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Geology and Geography, at the University of Sydney. He then completed an Honours project investigating why and when Aboriginal people abandoned of Kangaroo Island by studying the geochemical, pollen and charcoal records preserved in lagoon sediments. His first rotation is to look at the potential for using social media websites for gathering situational information about earthquakes in near real-time.

Helen studied Geology at the University of Melbourne, including a six month exchange to the University of British Columbia in Canada. She later completed an Honours project studying ancient glacial systems in the Northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia. For her first graduation rotation, Helen is working on a project producing continental scale mineral group maps of Australia based on satellite data.

Ivan completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry and Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, followed by an Honours degree in Chemistry. For his first rotation Ivan is working on a project that is producing a comprehensive map of Australia’s potential coal seam gas resources.

Marcus undertook a Bachelor of Global and Ocean Sciences at the Australian National University, participating in our Cadetship Program during his studies. He completed an Honours project to assess the geothermal energy potential of the northern rivers region of New South Wales. For his first graduate rotation he will investigate possible ways to automate methods of magnetic data analysis.

Rebecca completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours), majoring in Geology, at ANU. Her Honours project analysed chemical signatures stored within coral skeletons in the western Pacific in order to help understand the relationship between Pacific Ocean surface circulation patterns and the El Niño climate system. For her first rotation, Rebecca is working on a project that is identifying coastal groundwater aquifers which are at risk of seawater intrusion.

Rowan completed an Honours degree in Global and Ocean Science at ANU. As part of his Honours he used x-ray techniques to obtain high resolution 3D images of rocks to study the physical and chemical processes which can influence the effectiveness of geological storage of carbon dioxide. He also participated in our Cadetship program. His first rotation will focus on the use of satellite remote sensing to monitor volcano hazards in Papua New Guinea.

Victoria studied Environmental Geology at the University of Plymouth in England. Her Honours, Masters and PhD research undertaken in England, New Zealand and the USA have focused on geophysical methods to monitor and characterise active volcanoes. Her first graduate rotation is a project locating and describing hot springs across Australia.

Wenping (Angela) recently completed a PhD at the University of Sydney, where she developed numerical models to examine the dominant hydrological processes and the resulting morphological changes in coastal and estuarine areas within the Port Stephens estuary in New South Wales. For her first graduate rotation, Wenping is helping to develop manuals which will be used during an AusAID funded capacity building workshop on natural hazard modelling.

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