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I became interested in the spatial sciences, when a lecturer from the University of Tasmania (UTAS) visited the school  I was attending to give a presentation on how the spatial sciences are part of everyday life and integral to other scientific fields. I became particularly interested in geodesy and its application in measuring and monitoring the dimensions and shape of the Earth.

Anna - 2012 Graduate

After completing a Bachelor of Surveying and Spatial Sciences at UTAS, I undertook an Honours project using a Global Positioning System (GPS) equipped buoy to measure changes in sea level at Macquarie Island in the middle of the wild Southern Ocean. It was an amazing experience to visit and undertake my field work on Macquarie Island which has astounding wildlife and rugged scenery.

Geoscience Australia’s Graduate Program offers me an opportunity to expand my knowledge and explore the different geosciences applied in Australia and internationally. By participating in multiple rotations throughout the year I hope to immerse myself in the diverse fields of science undertaken at Geoscience Australia.

My first rotation involves working on a project to assess the vulnerability of buildings to earthquakes in Papua New Guinea. This project is aimed at developing earthquake building vulnerability models for typical Papua New Guinea constructions to support the AusAID funded program Strengthening Capacity for Natural Hazard Risk Assessments in Papua New Guinea.

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