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Helen Dulfer back country skiing on the Two Thumb Range, Canterbury, New Zealand

I was drawn to the Earth Sciences during my first year of studying science at the University of Melbourne because I enjoyed asking questions about the world around me.  I ultimately ended up majoring in Geology. I also had a great opportunity during my undergraduate studies to further my geological knowledge by spending six months on a student exchange to the University of British Columbia in Canada.

On my return from North America I completed an Honours project which allowed me to follow my passion for glaciers. For this project I studied 650 million years old glacial systems in the northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

After finishing university, I spent a year working as a mine geologist at an Iron Ore mine in the Pilbara but was attracted to Geoscience Australia’s Graduate Program because it provides a unique opportunity to further my geological skills in a range of disciplines.

My first rotation involves working on a project that is producing continental scale mineral group maps of Australia which are based on satellite data. This new information will benefit mineral explorers and help to promote investment in Australia's mineral exploration industry.

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