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Ivan - 2012 Graduate

I completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry and Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, in 2010 followed by an Honours project in Chemistry. My Honours research looked at ways to create new compounds from the chemical dicyandiamide, which is commonly used as a curing agent for epoxy resins as well as in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, fertilisers and explosives.

I have been intensely curious in the processes of the Earth since I was very young. My interest in processes which drive plate tectonics was sparked after being caught in ash showers following the eruption of New Zealand’s Mount Ruapehu in 1995. I was also fascinated with gemstones, which resulted in me wanting to explore the science behind their formation.

I was attracted to the Geoscience Australia’s Graduate Program because it immerses you in a range of disciplines which are highly relevant in today’s society. The opportunity to experience several fields of research over the year will result in a broader understanding of how science interacts with Government and policy, and potentially help me to find a niche in which I can continue to gather experience in subsequent years.

My first rotation is with the Energy Division working on collating information on Australia’s coal basins, using global information system (GIS) techniques to develop a comprehensive map of Australia’s potential coal seam gas resources.

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