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Rebecca - 2012 Graduate

I became interested in the Earth Sciences when I undertook a first year university course as part of a broader Arts/Science degree. I enjoyed the sense of perspective provided by geological time and exploring the dynamics of the Earth's systems as well as the fieldwork it involved. It is amazing how so many of the interesting questions relating to energy and resources for our future are geological questions.

I completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours), majoring in Geology, at the Australian National University in 2010. My Honours project analysing chemical signatures stored within coral skeletons in the western Pacific Ocean was aimed at helping to understand ocean circulation patterns during the past 100 years. Understanding the relationship between Pacific Ocean surface circulation patterns and the El Nino climate system will help the development of models which will result in a better understanding of how these systems work.

I was attracted to Geoscience Australia’s Graduate Program because I wanted to broaden my scientific understanding beyond my current area of interest and to gain better direction for my future career. Geoscience Australia has such a diverse range of geoscience work that I cannot think of a better place to acquire a taste of how to apply geoscience knowledge to nationally important issues.

I am currently working in Geoscience Australia’s Groundwater Group on a project which is identifying coastal groundwater aquifers at risk of seawater intrusion. Later in the Graduate Program, I hope to learn more about Geoscience Australia’s work in the geothermal resources sector and natural hazard risk and impact analysis.

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