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Rowan - 2012 Graduate

I was attracted to the geosciences through a fascination with the natural landforms and a curiosity for the processes by which they are formed. Exploring new places and environments is an enduring passion of mine and, thanks to my geoscience studies, I have a greater appreciation of the astonishing natural phenomena surrounding us. It is great that outdoor activities I enjoy such as climbing, kayaking and hiking constantly allow me opportunities to observe and question interesting environments that I can then begin to understand using my geoscientific knowledge.

I completed my Honours degree in Global and Ocean Science at the Australian National University in 2011. My Honours project used x-ray tomography to image rocks in 3D. This allowed me to study the physical and chemical processes which can influence the effectiveness of carbon capture and storage.

I was offered a cadetship with Geoscience Australia during my first year at university and have enjoyed the scientific experiences offered by my Geoscience Australia work placements. However, my first memory of Geoscience Australia was actually attending a Geoscience Australia Open Day as a youngster and thinking that the exhibits and rock collection were pretty cool. My first Graduate rotation will focus on the use of satellite remote sensing to monitor volcanic hazards in Papua New Guinea.

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