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My interest in geoscience began in a geology class at high school when I discovered how my love for science could be combined with my natural curiosity for the surrounding environment.

I completed my undergraduate studies in Environmental Geology at the University of Plymouth, in England.  My Honours project looked at how geodetic methods can be used to monitor active volcanoes, with my fieldwork undertaken on Mount Etna volcano, in Sicily.

Victoria - 2012 Graduate

I subsequently completed a Masters degree in Geophysics at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. My research included the development of a new technique to monitor volcano activity using earthquake data and an assessment of whether the global positioning system (GPS) could be used to monitor New Zealand’s Mount Ruapehu volcano.

I recently completed a PhD at the Pennsylvania State University, in the USA. My dissertation examined data from the Soufrière Hills volcano on the Caribbean island of Montserrat focusing on what earthquakes can tell us about the response of the Earth’s crust to changes in the magmatic system beneath the volcano.

I was attracted to Geoscience Australia’s Graduate Program because of the opportunity to diversify my skill set and to participate in research which offers both direct and broad impacts for the public.

For my first rotation I am working in the Geothermal Section on a project locating and characterising hot springs across Australia. Establishing a database of hot springs will provide additional targeting information to help identify potential geothermal opportunities.

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