Wenping (Angela) Jiang


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Angela - 2012 Graduate

I recently completed a PhD at the University of Sydney as part of a large multi-disciplinary, collaborative project which investigated flood-tide delta dynamics and the implications on the adjacent shorelines within the Port Stephens estuary in New South Wales. Based on an IT background, my research focused on developing and applying numerical models to examine the dominant hydrological processes and the resulting morphological changes in coastal and estuarine areas.

I applied for Geoscience Australia’s Graduate Program to extend my experience and expertise in the geosciences by exploring a variety of disciplines before specialising in a specific field.

My first rotation in the Graduate Program involves helping to develop manuals which will be used during an AusAID funded capacity building workshop on natural hazard modelling to be held as part of the 34th International Geological Congress in Brisbane in August 2012. This project provides a rare opportunity to develop learn about four natural hazards, tsunami, volcanic ash, cyclones and earthquakes. Later in the program I hope to be engaged in further work in the marine and coastal sciences.

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