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Staff at Geoscience Australia are working in diverse and dynamic areas of science research exploring Australia's energy and mineral resources, creating safer communities, managing the environment and more. Read about our staff's work, career challenges and rewards as they contribute their expertise to the nation's leading government geoscience agency.

Section Leader, Geomagnetism and Earth Observation Observatories Section
Adrian Hitchman says being a geophysicist has given him opportunities to visit places in remote Australia, the south west Pacific and Antarctica, and to contribute to new understandings of Australia's geophysical environment.

Earthquake Geologist
Andrew McPherson recently completed work contributing to the development of a new earthquake hazard map for Australia, and is now helping to refine models of large earthquake recurrence across the continent.

Chief of Energy Division/Deputy CEO
James Johnson says the most enjoyable and rewarding component of his role is designing and coordinating programs which make a difference on a national scale.

Project Leader, Law of the Sea Project and Marine Surveys Data Management Systems Project
Mark Alcock enjoys working on this project because "it's about changing the shape of Australia's continental shelf boundaries, which is an amazing goal of national significance".

Research Scientist
Monica Osuchowski studies natural hazards and their impact on people and places. Her work sees Monica travelling to observe the impact of natural disasters such as Cyclone Larry where she collects information for computer modellers to analyse in their natural hazard research.

Topic contact: Last updated: June 17, 2013