Dr Adrian Hitchman


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Section Leader, Geomagnetism and Earth Observation Observatories Section

Dr Adrian HitchmanDescribe some daily tasks that you complete in your position

I am a section leader in Geoscience Australia's Geomagnetism and Earth Observation Observatories Section which is responsible for collecting and analysing geomagnetic data from a network of geomagnetic monitoring sites around Australia and in Antarctica, and for collecting remotely sensed satellite data at GA’s ground station near Alice Springs. The geomagnetic data show how the Earth's magnetic field changes from second to second, day to day, and year to year, due to changes taking place on the Sun, in the Earth's atmosphere and in its deep interior. The satellite data show how Earth’s surface changes over time due to natural processes and human activity.

What do you find most enjoyable/challenging/rewarding in your position?

One of the most challenging things for the team that I work with is keeping the network of monitoring sites working in a wide range of difficult climates, from floods and cyclones in Australia's tropics, through to the freezing temperatures of the Antarctic. Fortunately, we have a highly skilled team able to support the demanding technical and scientific needs of our operation.

Describe your career pathway(s) that led you to where you are today?

I grew up in a small country town and very much enjoyed the freedom of an outdoor life. Discovering an interest in science at school, I became attracted to a career in geophysics because it offered the opportunity to work outdoors in a scientific field. Being a geophysicist has given me opportunities to visit places in remote Australia, the southwest Pacific and Antarctica, and to contribute to new understandings of Australia's geophysical and natural environment.

What formal/educational training have you completed?

I have a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc) (Physics), a BSc Honours (Geophysics) and a PhD (Geophysics).

What are the benefits of working at Geoscience Australia?

Geoscience Australia makes an important contribution to a diverse range of issues facing Australia that require geoscientific and spatial expertise. I enjoy being part of an organisation that is addressing some of the environmental and economic issues that are shaping Australia's present and future.

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