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Service Overview

TitleGeoscience Australia national geoscience datasets.
DescriptionOGC Web Map Server maintained by the Australian Government: Geoscience Australia (
High-quality Australia-wide geoscience mapping data.
All data are free to use.
See for free downloads of most of these datasets.
WMS version1.1.1
Available coordinate reference systems EPSG:18001 EPSG:41001
Capabilities (XML)
Contact personWeb Operations Manager
Conditions of use

Layer Details

#layer nametypelabelscolours (linked to legend)queryablenative projectiondescription (linked to metadata)
0d00raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 0km
1d01raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 1km
2d02raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 2km
3d03raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 3km
4d04raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 4km
5d05raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 5km
6d06raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 6km
7d07raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 7km
8d08raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 8km
9d09raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 9km
10d10raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 10km
11d11raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 11km
12d12raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 12km
13d13raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 13km
14d14raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 14km
15d15raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 15km
16d16raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 16km
17d17raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 17km
18d18raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 18km
19d19raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 19km
20d20raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 20km
21d21raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 21km
22d22raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 22km
23d23raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 23km
24d24raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 24km
25d25raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 25km
26d26raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 26km
27d27raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 27km
28d28raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 28km
29d29raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 29km
30d30raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 30km
31d31raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 31km
32d32raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 32km
33d33raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 33km
34d34raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 34km
35d35raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 35km
36d36raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 36km
37d37raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 37km
38d38raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 38km
39d39raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 39km
40d40raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 40km
41d41raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 41km
42d42raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 42km
43d43raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 43km
44d44raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 44km
45d45raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 45km
46d46raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 46km
47d47raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 47km
48d48raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 48km
49d49raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 49km
50d50raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 50km
51d51raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 51km
52d52raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 52km
53d53raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 53km
54d54raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 54km
55d55raster  no EPSG:3112Seismic velocity - 55km
56geothm5kraster  no EPSG:3112Geothermal gradients image - 5km
57bath_colraster  no EPSG:3112Bathymetry colour image
58bath_greyraster  no EPSG:3112Bathymetry greyscale image
59dtbaseraster  no EPSG:3112Depth to basement image
60dem_9secraster  no EPSG:31129 second DEM
61demraster  no EPSG:311230 second DEM (colour)
62dem_greyraster  no EPSG:311230 second DEM (greyscale)
63gravityraster  no EPSG:3112800m pixel gravity image
64mag_greyraster  no EPSG:3112400m pixel continental Australia magnetics (3ed) greyscale
65mag_colraster  no EPSG:3112400m pixel continental Australia magnetics (3ed) colour
66mag_col_1000mraster  no EPSG:31121000m pixel regional Australia magnetics (3ed) greyscale
67map1ml_lmpolygonMmapname N/A no EPSG:31121:1 000 000 Mapsheet Index
68map250_lmpolygonQmapname N/A no EPSG:31121:250,000 Mapsheet Index
69map100_lmpolygonHmapname N/A no EPSG:31121:100,000 Mapsheet Index
70eqrisk_lmpolygonRiskval Riskval no EPSG:3112Geohazard Risk
71eqrisk_lm_transpolygonRiskval Riskval no EPSG:3112Geohazard Risk (transparent)
72georeg_lmpolygonRegname Age_class no EPSG:3112Geological regions
73georeg_lm_transpolygonRegname Age_class yes EPSG:3112Geological regions (transparent)
74cetec_lmpolygonelem_name Polylabel yes EPSG:3112Crustal elements of Australia
75cetec_lm_transpolygonelem_name Polylabel yes EPSG:3112Crustal elements of Australia (transparent)
76hydgeo_lmpolygon Aquif_ty yes EPSG:3112Hydrogeology
77hydgeo_lm_transpolygon Aquif_ty yes EPSG:3112Hydrogeology (transparent)
78regol_lm_allpolygon All_class yes EPSG:3112Regolith - all
79regol_lm_all_transpolygon All_class yes EPSG:3112Regolith (transparent)
80regol_lm_classpolygon Rego_class yes EPSG:3112Regolith classified
81regol_lm_class_transpolygon Rego_class yes EPSG:3112Regolith classified (transparent)
82regol_lm_lndfrmpolygon Majorlan yes EPSG:3112Regolith landform
83geol_lm_unitpolygonMap_symb Map_symb yes EPSG:3112Geology by unit
84geol_lm_unit_transpolygonMap_symb Map_symb yes EPSG:3112Geology by unit (transparent)
85geol_lm_grppolygonAus_symb Aus_symb yes EPSG:3112Geology by group
86geol_lm_grp_transpolygonAus_symb Aus_symb yes EPSG:3112Geology by group (transparent)
87geol_lm_lithpolygon Lith_assoc yes EPSG:3112Geology by lithology
88geolpl_lithpolygon Lith_assoc yes EPSG:3112Geology by lithology
89geol_lm_lith_transpolygon Lith_assoc yes EPSG:3112Geology by lithology (transparent)
90met_lmpolygon Map_legend yes EPSG:3112Metamorphic geology
91sedbas_lmpolygonb1 N/A yes EPSG:3112Sedimentary basins outlines
92sedbas_lm_typepolygonb1 bas_type yes EPSG:3112Sedimentary basins by type
93sedbas_lm_type_transpolygonb1 bas_type yes EPSG:3112Sedimentary basins by type (transparent)
94sedbas_lm_prospolygon Bas_pros yes EPSG:3112Sedimentary basins by petroleum prospectivity
95drainageplpolygon Type no EPSG:3112Drainage polygons
96politicalplpolygon Type yes EPSG:3112Political polygons
97geol_bndsline Desc yes EPSG:3112Geology boundaries
98geol_fltsline Desc yes EPSG:3112Geology faults
99geolln_lmline Desc yes EPSG:3112Geology lines
100metln_lmline Desc yes EPSG:3112Metamorphic lines
101georegquerypolygonRegname N/A yes EPSG:3112Geological regions (undivided)
102citiesquerypointName N/A yes EPSG:3112Cities
103ozminquerypointName N/A yes EPSG:3112Mines
104pet_leasespolygonName Type yes EPSG:3112Petroleum leases
105pet_leases_transpolygonName Type yes EPSG:3112Petroleum leases (transparent)
106sedbas_outpolygon N/A no EPSG:3112Sedimentary basins - outlines
107grav_surveyspolygonName N/A yes EPSG:3112Gravity survey bounding rectangles
108grav_networkpointStationnam N/A yes EPSG:3112Fundamental gravity network stations
109agrfsvpl1polygonSv_dec_min Sv_dec_min yes EPSG:3112Geomagnetic Reference Grid of Australia - declination
110agrfmdpl1polygonMagdec_min Magdec_min yes EPSG:3112Geomagnetic Reference Grid of Australia - polygons
111agrfmdplpolygon Magdec_rng yes EPSG:3112Geomagnetic Reference Grid of Australia - declination polygons
112agrfsvplpolygon Sv_range yes EPSG:3112Geomagnetic Reference Grid of Australia - range
113ceelm_lmpolygonDesc desc yes EPSG:3112Crustal Elements of Australia - states
114ceelm_lm_transpolygonDesc desc yes EPSG:3112Crustal Elements of Australia (transparent)
115met_lm_transpolygon Map_legend yes EPSG:3112Metamorphic Geology (transparent)
116georeg_lm_outpolygonRegname N/A yes EPSG:3112Geological regions (outlines)
117nt_index_lpolygonTILE_NO N/A yes EPSG:3112NTDATA digital geology
118airsur_lmpolygonProject Range yes EPSG:3112Airborne surveys polygon outlines
119agrfsvlnlinesecvar_dec Feature yes EPSG:3112Australian Geomagnetic Reference Field, secular variation
120agrfmdlnlinemag_declin Feature yes EPSG:3112Australian Geomagnetic Reference Field, boundary
121grat_lm_5degptpoint N/A yes EPSG:3112Graticule points with lat longs (five degree)
122grat_lm_5deglnline N/A yes EPSG:3112Graticule (five degree)
123grat_lm_1deglnline N/A yes EPSG:3112Graticule (one degree)
124slideslmpoint N/A yes EPSG:3112Landslides
125quakeslmpoint mbin yes EPSG:3112Earthquakes, magnitude >=4
126histss_lmpoint N/A yes EPSG:3112Location of historic deep seismic soundings
127onsht_lmpoint N/A yes EPSG:3112Locations of onshore refraction shot points
128landss_lmline N/A yes EPSG:4326Geoscience Australia's onshore seismic traverses
129offsht_lmpoint N/A yes EPSG:3112Locations of offshore refraction shot points
130sonoby_lmpoint N/A yes EPSG:3112Locations of offshore sonobouy stations
131marine_lmline N/A yes EPSG:3112Navigation tracks of marine deep seismic lines from RV Rig Seismic
132refstn_lmpoint N/A yes EPSG:3112Locations of seismic recording stations
133seisvellmpoint N/A yes EPSG:3112Seismic velocity reading
134ozminpoint N/A yes EPSG:3112Mineral deposits (Ozmin)
135ozroxpointSiteid N/A yes EPSG:3112Field geological observation sites (OZROX)
136wellspointWell N/A yes EPSG:4326Petroleum well locations
137ozchempoint N/A yes EPSG:3112OZCHEM - geochemical analyses
138upbpoint N/A yes EPSG:3112U/Pb age analysis
139smndpoint N/A yes EPSG:3112Sm/Nd age analysis
140rbsrpoint N/A yes EPSG:3112Rb/Sr age analysis
141shrimppoint N/A yes EPSG:3112SHRIMP age analysis
142zn_occddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Zinc occurences (MINLOC database)
143w_occddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Tungsten occurences (MINLOC database)
144u_occddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Uranium occurences (MINLOC database)
145ta_occddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Tantalum occurences (MINLOC database)
146sn_occddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Tin occurences (MINLOC database)
147pgm_occddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Platinum group metals occurences (MINLOC database)
148pb_occddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Lead occurences (MINLOC database)
149ni_occddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Nickel occurences (MINLOC database)
150mnlsndddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Mineral sands occurences (MINLOC database)
151mn_occddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Manganese occurences (MINLOC database)
152fe_occddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Iron occurences (MINLOC database)
153dmd_occddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Diamond occurences (MINLOC database)
154cu_occddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Copper occurences (MINLOC database)
155coaloccddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Coal occurences (MINLOC database)
156au_occddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Gold occurences (MINLOC database)
157ag_occddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326Silver occurences (MINLOC database)
158minlocddpoint N/A yes EPSG:4326All occurences (MINLOC database)
159cemag_lmline Agso_code yes EPSG:3112Crustal elements of Australia - magnetic lines
160cegrav_lmline Agso_code yes EPSG:3112Crustal elements of Australia - gravity lines
161majpoppointName N/A yes EPSG:3112Major population centres.
162citiespointName Type yes EPSG:3112Cities and towns of Australia by type.
163coastline Desc no EPSG:3112Coastline
164politicallline Type yes EPSG:3112Poltical boundaries (lines)
165aus_zoneslineF_code F_code yes EPSG:3112Offshore political zones of Australia
166pipelineline Type no EPSG:3112Petroleum pipelines
167oilfldspolygon Type no EPSG:3112Oilfields
168railwaysline Type yes EPSG:3112railways
169roadsline Type yes EPSG:3112Roads
170drainagelline Type yes EPSG:3112Drainage lines (rivers, canals, coastline)
171geothr_lmpoint N/A yes EPSG:3112Well locations from which Hot Rocks image was interpolated (5459 readings)

Example Queries

Queries to the Geoscience Australia OGC WMS server should be in the following format:


  • LAYERS is a comma-delimited list of the desired layers, selected from the table below.
  • BBOX is a set of long/lat coordinates (WGS84 datum), lower left and upper right.
  • WIDTH is the width of the image to be returned (in pixels).
  • HEIGHT is the height of the image to be returned (in pixels).

A simple map:,-5124342.21740809,2090832.21991701,-1166822.14368426&width=860&height=764

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