Updated:  24 April 2006

Burdekin-Fitzroy Project web mapping system

This interactive map is an output of the Burdekin-Fitzroy Project 2003-2004, a cooperative project by the Regolith and Land Use research area of Geoscience Australia, Queensland's Department of Natural Resources and Mines and the Cooperative Research Centre for Landscape Environments and Mineral Exploration (CRCLEME).

While this interactive map does not require Java it does require the use of Javascript for some functionality and works best with a screen resolution of 800x600 or greater and at least 32768 colours.

Descriptions of included datasets are in the metadata.

Be aware that some layers' display is scale-dependent and that many layers display outside their recommended scales. Please refer to the Help for tips on using the mapping system.

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Background and objectives of the Burdekin-Fitzroy Project

Over the past 10-15 years it has become clear that there is considerable potential for the use of geophysical techniques for Natural Resource Management (NRM). Most of these techniques have been developed for mineral exploration and for use in the geosciences for geological and regolith mapping, among other things. This in turn has led to the recognition that geoscience data and information have considerable potential to enhance planning for NRM, and perhaps the best way to do this is through collaborative and multidisciplinary projects. There is a lot of relevant geoscience information available from Geoscience Australia and State/NT Geological Surveys that has not been looked at from an NRM perspective because there has not been any "driver".

This project addresses this situation in a limited manner through a collaborative demonstration project in the upper Burdekin/Fitzroy catchments. The project was set up to work under the National Geoscience Agreement with the Queensland Dept of Natural Resources and Mines (QDNRM), and CRC LEME. The aim was to produce a catalogue of the data and information relevant to NRM that is available for the region. The aim was also to identify key knowledge gaps that should be filled, and provide a basis for rational and rapid decisions on, for example, whether and where airborne electromagnetic (AEM) surveys and complementary ground-truth would be beneficial. This GIS and an accompanying report are the outputs from this project. The GIS is not designed as a planning tool, but rather as an on-line catalogue of available data and information.

Structure of the report and geographic information system (GIS)

A report on the project is designed to provide the reader with brief summaries of datasets located within the Burdekin-Fitzroy study region that are of interest for NRM. These datasets have been compiled from a range of sources including QDNRM, Geoscience Australia (GA), CSIRO and private companies. This collection and presentation of data includes both digital and non-digital formats. Some of the information is confidential and can be obtained only from the appropriate custodians. The report is designed to be used with the interactive GIS. The report is intended as a guide to what data is available within the GIS, and also presents examples of how to integrate the data for NRM investigations. Some interpretation of the data has also been performed to demonstrate this.

The report and interactive GIS consists of geological, geophysical, geochemical, topographic, hydrologic, hydrogeologic and cadastre information. The data (where possible) are spatially located on maps of the study region.

The report provides summary information for all of the identified datasets. Further information may be obtained by following the links provided. The GIS allows the user to view and query the datasets attributes interactively. The user cannot directly download information, but is instead directed to the appropriate resource via internet links. In some cases, these links allow the user to directly download data, but most of the time the user will need to make a request to the appropriate custodian for the data they require.

Another output of this project is a comprehensive bibliographic index of information relevant to the Burdekin - Fitzroy pilot study constructed as a PDF. This resource provides the user with reference material relating to their searches within the confines of the study region. This database is available through the GA website.


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