Updated: 1 December 2007

Feature Type Cross Reference

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Commonly used term Feature type
Abandoned road Road
Abbatoir Building Area
Abbatoir Building Point
Aboriginal Area (Indigenous Area) Nature Conservation Reserve
Aboriginal community (indigenous community) Building Area
Aboriginal community (indigenous community) Building Point
Aboriginal community (indigenous community) Built Up Area
Aboriginal community (indigenous community) Place Name
Aboriginal community (indigenous community) Populated Place
Aboriginal land Indigenous Land
Aboriginal place (Indigenous Place) Nature Conservation Reserve
Aboriginal Reserve (Indigenous Reserve) Indigenous Reserve
Aboriginal Site (Indigenous Site) Nature Conservation Reserve
Above-ground pool Swimming Pool
Academy Educational Institution
Aerial Vertical Obstruction
Aerial Cableway Aerial Cableway
Aerodrome Airport Area
Aerodrome Airport
Aircraft facility Aircraft facilityPoints (feature class)
Aircraft facility AircraftFacilityAreas (feature class)
Aircraft facilty Apron
Aircraft facility line Runway Edge
Aircraft loading area Apron
Aircraft maintenance area Apron
Aircraft parking Apron
Aircraft wreck Landmark Point
Airport Airport
Airport Airport Area
Airport Ramp Apron
Alpine Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Annotation Annotation
Annotation Grid Annotation
Annotation Graticule Annotation
Antenna Vertical Obstruction
Apron Apron
Aquaculture Aquaculture Area
Aquaculture (intensive) Intensive Animal Production
Aquaculture (intensive) Landmark Area General
Aquaculture pens Intensive Animal Production
Aquaculture pens (non land based) Landmark Area General
Aquaculture pond Aquaculture Area
Aquarium Water Tank
Aquatic Centre (inside building) Building Area
Aquatic Centre (inside building) Building Point
Aquatic Centre Swimming Pool
Aquatic Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Aqueduct Canal Area
Aqueduct Canal Line
Area subject to inundation Land Subject To Inundation
Artificial lake Flood Irrigation Storage
Artificial lake Reservoir
Artificial lake Town Rural Storage
Athletic Field Miscellaneous Area
Automatic weather station Vertical Obstruction
Backshore Saline Coastal Flat
Bank Shoal
Barchan dunes Sand Dune
Barrage Dam Wall
Basketball Court (inside building) Building Area
Basketball Court (inside building) Building Point
Basketball Court (outside building) Miscellaneous Area
Bay Bay
Beach Beach
Beach Sand Area
Beacon Landmark Point
Beacon Vertical Obstruction
Bench mark Bench Mark
Billabong Lake
Billabong Waterhole
Billabong boundary WaterbodyBoundaries (feature class)
Blowhole Cave
Bluff Cliff
Boat lift Lock
Boat ramp Boat Ramp Line
Boom gate Gate
Border - State or Territory State Border
Bore Bore
Bore drain Canal Area
Bore drain Canal Line
Boulder Pinnacle
Boulder field Outcrop
Boundary - Defence And Prohibited Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - Forestry Reserve Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - Indigenous Reserve Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - Mining Reserve Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - National Park Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - Nature Reserve Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - Prohibited area Prohibited Area Boundary Line
Boundary - Recreation Reserve Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - Reserved area Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - Reserved Crown Land Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - Reserved Indigenous Land Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - Scenic Reserve Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - State State Border
Boundary - State Forest Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - State or Territory State Border
Boundary - State Park Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - Sundry Reserve Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - Territory State Border
Boundary - Vacant Crown Land Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary - Water Catchment Area Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary Conservation Area Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary Defence Force Prohibited Area Boundary Line
Boundary Fauna Reserve Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary Flora Reserve Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary Forest Reserve Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary Game Reserve Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary Historical Area Reserve Boundary Line
Boundary International International Boundary
Bowling Green Miscellaneous Area
Breakaway Cliff
Breakwater Breakwater
Bridge - foot Foot Bridge
Bridge - railway Railway Bridge Line
Bridge - railway Railway Bridge Point
Bridge - road Road Bridge Line
Bridge - road Road Bridge Point
Bridle path Foot Track
Brook Watercourse
Brook Watercourse Area
Building Building Area
Building Building Point
Building - factory Building Area
Building - factory Building Point
Building - hospital Building Area
Building - hospital Building Point
Building - ruin Building Area
Building - ruin Building Point
Building - shopping complex Building Area
Building - shopping complex Building Point
Building line -
Built-up area Built Up Area
Built-up area Place Name
Built-up area Populated Place
Built-up area line -
Built-up area void 'Defined Hole' see Section 3 5.18
Bush gate Gate
Butte Pinnacle
Cableway (Aerial) Aerial Cableway
Cairn Landmark Point
Cairn Vertical Obstruction
Canal Canal Area
Canal Canal Line
Canal Salt Evaporator Internal Line
Cane grass Marine Swamp
Cape Cape
Caravan Park Miscellaneous Area
Cascade Waterfall Point
Cataracts Waterfall Point
Cattle Farm (Intensive) Intensive Animal Production
Cattle Farm (Intensive) Landmark Area
Cattle grid Grid
Causeway - rail Railway Causeway
Causeway - road Road Causeway
Cave Cave
Cavern Cave
Cay Island
Cay Reef
Cemetery Cemetery Area
Cemetery Cemetery Point
Chair lift Aerial Cableway
Channel Canal Area
Channel Canal Line
Chicken Farm (Intensive) Intensive Animal Production
Chimney Vertical Obstruction
City Built Up Area
Civic square Civic Square
Claypan Lake
Claypan boundary WaterbodyBoundaries (feature class)
Claypit Mine Area
Cleared line Cleared Line
Cliff Cliff
Coastal Park Nature Conservation Reserve
Coastal Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Coastline Shoreline
Combined primary and secondary school Education Institution
Commonwealth Land Reserved Crown Land
Communications tower Vertical Obstruction
Community Building Area
Community Building Point
Community Built Up Area
Community Place Name
Community Populated Place
Community swimming pool Swimming Pool
Connecting road Road
Connector Connector
Conservation Area Nature Conservation Reserve
Conservation Area boundary Reserve Boundary Line
Conservation Park Nature Conservation Reserve
Conservation Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Contour Contours (feature class)
Control point - bench mark Bench Mark
Control point - horizontal Horizontal Control Point
Control point - trig station Horizontal Control Point
Control Tower Building Area
Control Tower Building Point
Conveyor Conveyor
Conveyor belt Conveyor
Cooling tower Vertical Obstruction
Coral Offshore Rock
Coral Reef
Cotton Gin (seasonal) Agricultural Production
Cotton Gin (seasonal) Landmark Area General
Cove Bay
Cowal Watercourse Area
Cowal Watercourse
Crater Crater
Creek Watercourse
Creek Watercourse Area
Crescent dunes Sand Dune
Crown Land Reserved Crown Land
Crown Land Sundry Reserve
Crown Land Vacant Crown Land
Crown Land - Mining Mining Reserve
Crown Land - other Sundry Reserve
Culvert Canal Area
Culvert Canal Line
Cut Cutting
Cutting Cutting
Dairy Farm (Intensive) Intensive Animal Production
Dairy Farm (Intensive) Landmark Area General
Dam Dam
Dam Dam Wall
Dam - carrying road Dam Wall
Dam Water Storage Point
Defence Area Defence And Prohibited
Defence area Prohibited Area
Defence Force boundary Prohibited Area Boundary Line
Defence Reserve Defence And Prohibited
Defence Reserve Prohibited Area
Desert Large Area Feature
Desert Place Name
Destination arrow - road Arrow
Digging Mine Point
Digging Mine Area
Distance indicator Distance Indicator
Distorted surface Distorted Surface
Diversion cut Spillway
Divided road Road
Dock Jetty
Dog fence Fence
Doline Cave
Double line watercourse Lake
Double line watercourse boundary WaterbodyBoundaries (feature class)
Double line watercourse infill Lake
Drain Canal Area
Drain Canal Line
Drive-in-theatre Recreation Area
Dry dock Dry Dock Point
Dunes - barchan Sand Dune
Dunes - crescent Sand Dune
Dunes - longitudinal Sand Ridge
Dunes - sand Sand Dune
Electrical Sub Station Sub Station
Embankment Embankment
Emergency meeting point Rescue Point
Emergency rescue point Rescue Point
Environmental Park Nature Conservation Reserve
Escarpment Cliff
Factory Building Area
Factory Building Point
Falls Waterfall Point
Fauna Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Fauna Sanctuary Nature Conservation Reserve
Feature identifier arrow Pointer
Feature pointer Pointer
Federal Crown Land Reserved Crown Land
Fence Fence
Fence Fence Standard
Fence - camel Fence Verin Proof
Fence - dingo Fence Verin Proof
Fence - dog Fence Verin Proof
Fence - emu Fence Verin Proof
Fence - rabbit Fence Verin Proof
Fence - vermin proof Fence Vermin Proof
Ferry Ferry Route Line
Ferry crossing Ferry Route Line
Ferry route Ferry Route Line
Ferry terminal Jetty
Fire lookout tower Vertical Obstruction
Fire tower Vertical Obstruction
Fire Shed Building Point (Function Fire Station)
Fish Habitat Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Fish hatchery Aquaculture Area
Fish pen Aquaculture Area
Fish pond Water Tank
Floating dry dock Dry Dock Point
Floodway Road Causeway
Flora and Fauna Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Flora Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Flying fox Aerial Cableway
Football Field Miscellaneous Area
Football Field Oval
Foot bridge Foot Bridge
Foot path Foot Track
Foot track Foot Track
Ford Ford Line
Ford Ford Point
Foreshore flat Foreshore Flat
Foreshore flat line -
Forest Forest Or Shrub
Forest Park Forestry Reserve
Forest Reserve Forestry Reserve
Forestry tower Vertical Obstruction
Fossil fuel power plant Power Generation Facility
Fossil fuel power plant Power Station
Freeway Road
Game Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Game Reserve boundary Reserve Boundary Line
Gap Pass
Gardens Gardens
Gas pipeline Pipeline
Gas pipeline Pipeline Other
Gas well Petroleum Well
Gate Gate
Gateway Gate
Generator tower Vertical Obstruction
Geothermal Power Farm Power Generation Facility
Geothermal power station Building Area
Geothermal power station Building Point
Geothermal power station Landmark Area General
Gilgai Distorted Surface
Gnamma hole Gnamma Hole
Golf course Golf Course
Gorge Gorge
Graticule line Graticule
Grave Cemetery Point
Gravel pit Mine Area
Graveyard Cemetery Area
Graveyard Cemetery Point
Graving dock Dry Dock Point
Greenhouse Landmark Area General
Grid Grid
Grid line Map Grid
Groyne Breakwater
Gully Watercourse
Gully Watercourse Area
Headland Cape
Hedge Windbreak
Hedgerow Windbreak
Helipad Heliport
Heliport Heliport
High School Educational Institution
Highway Road
Hill Mountain
Historical Area Landmark Area General
Historical Area Nature Conservation Reserve
Historical Area boundary Reserve Boundary Line
Historical cairn Landmark Point
Historical cairn Vertical Obstruction
Historical marked tree Landmark Point
Historical marked tree Vertical Obstruction
Historical marker Landmark Point
Historical marker Vertical Obstruction
Historical monument Landmark Point
Historical monument Vertical Obstruction
Homestead Homestead
Homestead tank Water Tank
Horizontal control point Horizontal Control Point
Horse Stud Farm Intensive Animal Production
Hospital Building Area
Hospital Building Point
Hospital Landmark Area General
Hovercraft route Ferry Route Line
Hut Building Area
Hut Building Point
Hydroelectric generation plant/facility Power Generation Facility
Hydroelectric generation plant/facility Power Station
Hydrofoil route Ferry Route Line
Hypso area Hypsometric Area
Indigenous Land Indigenous Land
In-ground pool Swimming Pool
Inlet Bay
International boundary International Boundary
Intertidal flat Foreshore Flat
Inundation area Land Subject To Inundation
Island Island
Jetty Jetty
Jump-up Cliff
Junction Junction
Kiln Landmark Point
Kiln Vertical Obstruction
Kilometric distance indicator Distance Indicator
Kilometric distances Distance Indicator
Kindergarten Educational Institution
Knob Mountain
Lagoon Lake
Lagoon Waterhole
Lagoon boundary WaterbodyBoundaries (feature class)
Lagoon infill Lake
Lake Flood Irrigation Storage
Lake Lake
Lake Pool
Lake - artificial Reservoir
Lake - artificial Town Rural Storage
Lake boundary WaterbodyBoundaries (feature class)
Lake infill Lake
Land subject to inundation Land Subject To Inundation
Landing Jetty
Landing Ground Landing Ground
Landing platform Jetty
Landing stage Jetty
Landing strip Landing Ground
Landmark Landmark Area General
Landmark Landmark Point
Landmark Area Educational Institution
Launching ramp Boat Ramp Line
Lava flow Distorted Surface
Levee Levee
Levee Salt Evaporator Internal Line
Levee Settling Pond Internal Line
Lighthouse Lighthouse
Lignun Marine Swamp
Locality Locations (Feature class)
Lock Lock
Lookout Landmark Point
Lookout Vertical Obstruction
Lookout Place Name
Lookout tower Vertical Obstruction
Mainland Mainland
Mangrove Mangrove
Mangrove flat Mangrove
Map area Map Index
Map mask -
Marina Jetty
Marina pens Jetty
Marine and Coastal Park Nature Conservation Reserve
Marine Park Nature Conservation Reserve
Marine Park/Defence Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Marine Park/Fish Habitat Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Marine Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Marine swamp Marine Swamp
Marker - National route Road Marker National
Marker - state route Road Marker State
Marsh Swamp
Marshalling yard Railway
Mast Vertical Obstruction
Memorial Landmark Point
Memorial Vertical Obstruction
Microwave repeater station tower Vertical Obstruction
Microwave tower Vertical Obstruction
Mill Windpump
Mine Mine Point
Mine - open cut Mine Area
Mine Area (Crown Land) Mining Reserve
Mining Reserve Mining Reserve
Mobile phone tower Vertical Obstruction
Mole Breakwater
Monorail Railway
Monument Landmark Point
Monument Vertical Obstruction
Mountain Mountain
Mountain range Place Name
Multiple Use Multiple Use
Muttonbird Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
National Highway marker Road Marker National
National Park Nature Conservation Reserve
National Park boundary Reserve Boundary Line
National Park/Fish Habitat Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
National Park/Water Supply Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
National Park/Wetland Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
National route marker Road Marker National
Native well Native Well
Nature conservation reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Nature Park Nature Conservation Reserve
Nature Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Nature Reserve boundary Reserve Boundary Line
Navigation aid Navigation Aid
Navigation light Navigation Light
Neatline Limit Of Data
Netball Court (inside building) Building Area
Netball Court (inside building) Building Point
Netball Court (outside building) Miscellaneous Area
Nomenclature Annotation
Nomenclature Grid Annotation
Nomenclature Graticule Annotation
Notation Annotation
Notation Grid Annotation
Notation Graticule Annotation
Nuclear power plant Power Generation Facility
Nursery Orchard
Obelisk Vertical Obstruction
Observatory Building Point
Observation tower Vertical Obstruction
Ocean Sea
Offshore line -
Offshore rock Offshore Rock
Offshore void 'Defined Hole' see Section 3 5.18
Oil Pipeline Oil Pipeline
Oil pipeline Pipeline
Oil pipeline Pipeline Other
Oil refinery Building Area
Oil refinery Building Point
Oil refinery Landmark Area General
Oil refinery Storage Tank
Oil storage tank Storage Tank
Oil well Petroleum Well
Old light tower Vertical Obstruction
Open Cut Mine Area
Open cut mine Mine Area
Orchard Orchard
Outcamp Place Name
Outstation Building Area
Outstation Building Point
Outstation Homestead
Oval Oval
Overflow Spillway
Overpass Road Overpass
Overpass Railway Overpass
Overpass/underpass Railway Overpass
Overpass/underpass Road Overpass
Oxbow Lake
Oxbow Waterhole
Oxbow boundary WaterbodyBoundaries (feature class)
Oxbow infill Lake
Oyster beds Intensive Animal Production
Oyster beds Landmark Area General
Park RecreationAreas (feature class)
Parks Multiple Use
Pass Pass
Patch Shoal
Patent slipway Boat Ramp Line
Peak Mountain
Peninsula Cape
Peninsula Large Area Feature
Peninsula Place Name
Penstock Pipeline
Penstock Pipeline Other
Petrochemical Plant Building Area
Petrochemical Plant Building Point
Petrochemical Plant Landmark Area General
Petrochemial Refinery Landmark Area General
Picnic Area Landmark Area General
Pier Jetty
Piggery (Intensive) Intensive Animal Production
Piggery (Intensive) Landmark Area General
Pine plantation Plantation
Pinnacle Pinnacle
Pipeline Pipeline
Pipeline Pipeline Other
Pipeline Gas Pipeline
Pipeline - gas Gas Pipeline
Pipeline - gas Pipeline
Pipeline - gas Pipeline Other
Pipeline - oil Oil Pipeline
Pipeline - oil Pipeline
Pipeline - oil Pipeline Other
Pipeline - other than water Gas Pipeline
Pipeline - other than water Oil Pipeline
Pipeline - other than water Pipeline
Pipeline - other than water Pipeline Other
Pipeline - water Pipeline
Pipeline - water Pipeline Other
Pipeline Other Gas Pipeline
Pipeline Other Oil Pipeline
Pipeline Other Pipeline Other
Place name Place Name
Plain Large Area Feature
Plain Place Name
Plantation Orchard
Point Cape
Pond Lake
Pond Waterhole
Pond - settling Settling Pond
Pond - tailing Settling Pond
Pond boundary WaterbodyBoundaries (feature class)
Pond infill Lake
Pondage Reservoir
Pondage Town Rural Storage
Pontoon Jetty
Pool Lake
Pool Waterhole
Pool Pool
Pool - swimming Water Tank
Pool - swimming Swimming Pool
Pool infill Lake
Populated place Builtup Area
Populated place Place Name
Populated place Populated Place
Poultry Farm (Intensive) Intensive Animal Production
Poultry Farm (Intensive) Landmark Area General
Power generation facility Power Generation Facility
Power generation facility Power Station
Power station Power Generation Facility
Power station Power Station
Power transmission line Powerline
Powerline Powerline
Precipice Cliff
Pre-school Educational Institution
Primary school Educational Institution
Prohibited area Defence And Prohibited
Prohibited area Prohibited Area
Prohibited area boundary Prohibited Area Boundary Line
Prohibited area line Prohibited Area Boundary Line
Prohibited area void 'Defined Hole' see Section 3 5.18
Prohibited reserve Defence And Prohibited
Protected area Nature Conservation Reserve
Public Land Reserved Crown Land
Pumping Station Building Area
Pumping Station Building Point
Punt Ferry Route Line
Punt crossing point Ferry Route Line
Quarantine area Prohibited Area
Quarry Mine Area
Quay Jetty
Racecourse Race Course
Racetrack Miscellaneous Area
Radar tower Vertical Obstruction
Radio beacon Vertical Obstruction
Radio mast Vertical Obstruction
Radio repeater station Building Point
Radio station antenna Vertical Obstruction
Radio station tower Vertical Obstruction
Radio telephone Communication Device
Radio telephone station Building Point
Radio telescope Communication Device
Radio telescope Vertical Obstruction
Railway Railway
Railway bridge Railway Bridge Line
Railway bridge Railway Bridge Point
Railway causeway Railway Causeway
Railway communications tower Vertical Obstruction
Railway station Railway Station
Railway station tower Vertical Obstruction
Railway tunnel Railway Tunnel Line
Railway tunnel Railway Tunnel Point
Rainforest Rainforest
Rainforest - temperate Rainforest
Rainforest - tropical Rainforest
Rapid area line WaterbodyBoundaries (feature class)
Rapids Rapid Area
Rapids Rapid Line
Razorback Razorback
Recreation area Multiple Use
Recreation area Recreation Area
Recreation Park (SA only) Nature Conservation Reserve
Recreation Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Recreation Reserve boundary Reserve Boundary Line
Recreation reserves Multiple Use
Recycling Facility Landmark Area General
Reef Reef
Reef line -
Reference Area Nature Conservation Reserve
Region Large Area Feature
Region Place Name
Regional Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Relief area line -
Relief area void 'Defined Hole' see Section 3 5.18
Repeater station tower Vertical Obstruction
Repeater tower Vertical Obstruction
Rescue point Rescue Point
Research area Scientific Facility
Research facility Scientific Facility
Research station Landmark Area General
Reserve boundary - recreation Reserve Boundary Line
Reserve void 'Defined Hole' see Section 3 5.18
Reserved Aboriginal Land boundary Reserve Boundary Line
Reserved line Reserve Boundary Line
Reservoir Reservoir
Reservoir Town Rural Storage
Reservoir Water Tank
Reservoir Dam
Reservoir Flood Irrigation Storage
Reservoir - farming Flood Irrigation Storage
Reservoir boundary WaterbodyBoundaries (feature class)
Rest area Landmark Area General
Ridge Place Name
Rifle range Rifle Range
Ring road Road
River Watercourse
River Watercourse Area
Road Road
Road - abandoned Road
Road - approximate position Road
Road bridge Road Bridge Line
Road bridge Road Bridge Point
Road causeway Road Causeway
Road destination arrow Arrow
Road distance marker Distance Indicator
Road junction Road Junction
Road on dam Dam
Road on dam Road
Road tunnel Road Tunnel Point
Road tunnel Road Tunnel Line
Road underground Road Tunnel Point
Road underground Road Tunnel Line
Roadhouse Building Area
Roadhouse Building Point
Rock Place Name
Rock Offshore Rock
Rock Pinnacle
Rock Reef
Rock column Pinnacle
Rock ledge Offshore Rock
Rock ledge Reef
Rockhole Rockhole
Rocky outcrops Outcrop
Rodeo grounds Miscellaneous Area
Route marker - national Road Marker National
Route marker - State Road Marker State
Rubbish tip Rubbish Tip
Ruin Building Area
Ruin Building Point
Runway Tarmac
Runway Runway Centreline
Runway boundary line Runway Edge
Runway centreline Runway Centreline
Runway void 'Defined Hole' see Section 3 5.18
Saline coastal flat Saline Coastal Flat
Salt evaporator Salt Evaporator
Salt evaporator internal line Salt Evaporator Internal Line
Saltpan Lake
Saltpan boundary WaterbodyBoundaries (feature class)
Saltpan infill Lake
Saltworks Salt Evaporator
Sand Sand Area
Sand dunes Sand Dune
Sand pit Mine Area
Sand ridge Sand Ridge
Sandridge Sand Ridge
Saw mill Landmark Area General
Scarp Cliff
Scenic Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
School Building Area
School Building Point
School Educational Institution
School Landmark Area General
Scientific Area Nature Conservation Reserve
Scientific area Scientific Facility
Scientific facility Scientific Facility
Scientific Purposes Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Scientific Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Scrape Mine Area
Scrub Forest Or Shrub
Sea Sea
Sea wall Sea Wall
Seasonal agricultural facilities Agricultural Production
Seasonal Agricultural Facilities Landmark Area General
Secondary school Educational Institution
Seismic line Cleared Line
Settlement Built Up Area
Settling pond internal line Settling Pond Internal Line
Settling ponds Settling Pond
Sewage filtration beds Settling Pond
Sewage treatment plant Settling Pond
Sewage treatment tank Storage Tank
Shaft Mine Point
Sheep Farm (Intensive) Intensive Animal Production
Sheep Farm (Intensive) Landmark Area General
Shipwreck Wreck
Shoal Shoal
Shoal Shoal
Shopping complex Building Area
Shopping complex Building Point
Shoreline Shoreline
Showgrounds Show Ground
Shrub Forest Or Shrub
Siding Railway
Silo Vertical Obstruction
Sinkhole Cave
Ski lift Aerial Cableway
Slip rails Gate
Slipway Boat Ramp Line
Slurry pond Settling Pond
Solar observatory Building Point
Smelter tower Vertical Obstruction
Smokestack Vertical Obstruction
Soak Soak
Solar farm Landmark Area General
Solar farm Power Generation Facility
Solar farm Power Station
Solar panels Vertical Obstruction
Special school Educational Institution
Spillway Spillway
Spoil dump Mine Area
Sports Centre Building Area
Sports Centre Building Point
Sports Ground Miscellaneous Area
Sports Ground Oval
Sports Playing Field Miscellaneous Area
Sports Playing Field Oval
Sports Track Miscellaneous Area
Sports Track Oval
Spot elevation Spot Elevation
Spot height Spot Elevation
Spring Spring
Spur line Railway
Stack Vertical Obstruction
State border State Border
State Boundary State Border
State forest Forestry Reserve
State Forest boundary Reserve Boundary Line
State Park Nature Conservation Reserve
State Park boundary Reserve Boundary Line
State Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
State route marker Road Marker State
Station - railway Railway Station
Steeple Landmark Point
Steeple Vertical Obstruction
Stilling basin Settling Pond
Stock grid Grid
Stock grid Grid
Storage silo Vertical Obstruction
Storage tank Storage Tank
Storage well Storage Tank
Stream Watercourse
Stream Watercourse Area
Sub station Sub Station
Subject to inundation area Land Subject To Inundation
Submerged rock Offshore Rock
Submerged rock Reef
Suburb Built Up Area
Sundry Reserve Sundry Reserve
Swamp Swamp
Swimming Pool Swimming Pool
Swimming pool Water Storage Point
Tableland Large Area Feature
Tableland Place Name
Tailing ponds Settling Pond
Tailings dump Mine Area
Tank Water Tank
Tank - storage (other than water) Storage Tank
Taxiway Taxiway
Technical college Educational Institution
Telescope Landmark Point
Telescope Vertical Obstruction
Television station antenna Vertical Obstruction
Television tower Vertical Obstruction
Temperate rainforest Rainforest
Tennis Courts Miscellaneous Area
Territory border State Border
Territory Boundary State Border
Through route Road
Tidal flat Foreshore Flat
Tidal power farm Landmark Area General
Tidal power farm Power Generation Facility
Tidal power farm Power Station
Tile edge Limit Of Data
Timber Reserve Forestry Reserve
Tollway Road
Tor Mountain
Tourist Information Centre Building Point (Function - Information Centre)
Tower Vertical Obstruction
Town Built Up Area
Town Place Name
Town Populated Place
Track - foot Foot Track
Track - vehicle Road
Track - walking Foot Track
Tracking station Landmark Area General
Trail Foot Track
Training track Miscellaneous Area
Tramway Railway
Transition point Transition Point
Transmission line - power Powerline
Treatment plant Landmark Area General
Trig station Horizontal Control Point
Tropic of Capricorn Tropic of Capricorn
Tropical rainforest Rainforest
Tunnel - railway Railway Tunnel Line
Tunnel - railway Railway Tunnel Point
Tunnel - road Road Tunnel Point
Tunnel - road Road Tunnel Line
Turkey nest Water Tank
Underground road Road Tunnel Line
Underground road Road Tunnel Point
Underpass Road Bridge Line
Underpass Road Bridge Point
Underwater observatory Landmark Point
University Educational Institution
Vacant commonwealth land Vacant Crown Land
Vacant crown land Vacant Crown Land
Vegetation Forest Or Shrub
Vegetation - clear 'Defined Hole' see Section 3 5.18
Vegetation - dense Forest Or Shrub
Vegetation - Forest Forest Or Shrub
Vegetation - hedge Windbreak
Vegetation - medium Forest Or Shrub
Vegetation - nursery Orchard
Vegetation - orchard Orchard
Vegetation - pine plantation Plantation
Vegetation - plantation Plantation
Vegetation - rainforest Rainforest
Vegetation - temperate rainforest Rainforest
Vegetation - tropical rainforest Rainforest
Vegetation - vineyard Orchard
Vegetation - windbreak Windbreak
Vegetation line -
Vegetation void 'Defined Hole' see Section 3 5.18
Vehicle track Road
Velodrome (inside building) Building Area
Velodrome (inside building) Building Point
Velodrome (outside building) Miscellaneous Area
Vermin proof fence Fence Vermin Proof
Viewing platform Landmark Point
Viewing platform Vertical Obstruction
Village Built Up Area
Vineyard Orchard
Walking track Foot Track
Waste disposal site Rubbish Tip
Water body boundary WaterbodyBoundaries (feature class)
Water body void 'Defined Hole' see Section 3 5.18
Water Catchment Area Water Supply Reserve
Water intake tower Vertical Obstruction
Water pipeline Pipeline
Water pipeline Pipeline Other
Water Storage Point Dam
Water supply Reserve Water Supply Reserve
Water tank Dam
Water tank Water Tank
Water tank Water Storage Point
Water tower Vertical Obstruction
Waterbody island Waterbody Island
Waterbody island 'Defined Hole' see Section 3 5.18
Watercourse Watercourse
Watercourse Watercourse Area
Watercourse - double line Lake
Watercourse - double line boundary WaterbodyBoundaries (feature class)
Watercourse - double line infill Lake
Waterfall Waterfall Point
Waterhole Lake
Waterhole Waterhole
Waterhole boundary WaterbodyBoundaries (feature class)
Waterhole infill Lake
Waterline Shoreline
Waterline WaterbodyBoundaries (feature class)
Waterpoint WaterPoints (feature class)
Weir Dam Wall
Well Bore
Well - gas Petroleum Well
Well - oil Petroleum Well
Well - storage Storage Tank
Well - water Bore
Well (native) Native Well
Wetland Swamp
Wetland Reserve Nature Conservation Reserve
Wharf Wharf Line
White water Rapid Area
White water Rapid Line
Wilderness Nature Conservation Reserve
Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Conservation Reserve
Wind farm Landmark Area General
Wind farm Power Generation Facility
Wind farm Power Station
Wind farm Landmark Area
Wind generator Vertical Obstruction
Wind turbine Vertical Obstruction
Windbreak Windbreak
Windmill Windpump
Windpump Windpump
Wireless tower Vertical Obstruction
Woodland Forest Or Shrub
Woolshed Building Area
Woolshed Building Point
Wreck Wreck
Yard Yard
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