2.1.11 Built Up Area Delineation Example 4

Location of Example: 149°05'55" East, 35°19'18" South
Distinctive Characteristics:
  • A Built Up Area will be representative of all buildings which are set out on street patterns.
  • The boundaries of a Built Up Area should be defined with consideration to the surrounding landscape and location in Australia (e.g. middle of the Northern Territory versus older suburbs in a capital city versus newer suburbs in a fast growing satellite town).
  • In General, Built Up Areas should consist of the majority of land parcels being less than 3600 square metres and man-made structures (e.g pools, homes, garages, etc) should occupy greater than approximately 15 percent of the land parcel.
Regional Considerations:
Figure: Representation of a Built Up Area

Figure: Orthophotography 1m RGB=123 Figure: SPOT 2.5m RGB=123

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