2.1.6 Greenhouses Example 3

Location of Example: 149°05'20" East, 35°17'47" South
Distinctive Characteristics:
  • Commerical plant industries may have a series of shadecloth semi permanent structures used to grow and protect mature plants.
  • These shadecloth semi permanent structures tend to be uniform in size, shape and colour. Their layout is organised and tightly bunched. The structures framework on high resolution imagery may be visible through the transparent roofing.
  • Due to there semi permanent nature they are not considered Buildings but may be applicable as landmark areas (Agricultural Production) dependant on scale of capture.
Regional Considerations:
Figure: Representation of semi permanent shade cloth structures for plant growth and protection.

Figure: Orthophotography 50cm RGB=123 Figure: SPOT Pseudo-natural 2.5m Figure: Oblique Photography Shade Cloth Structures

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