2.1.10 Substations Example 1

Location of Example: 152°22'09" East, 24°54'29" South
Distinctive Characteristics:
  • As shown in Figure: the complex depicting the Substation layout can be normally seen on ortho-photography, however only capture the Building associated with this feature.
  • As shown in Figure: Substations are difficult to interpret from Spot imagery and would probably need to be supplemented with revision material to proper indentify this feature. The Building is visible, but cannot be interpreted alone.
  • Substations generally are a central hub of connectivity for a Powerline network.
  • A Fence line boundary is normally visable to exclude public access.
Regional Considerations:
Figure: Representation of a Substation in association with surrounding features.

Figure: Orthophotography 40cm RGB=123 Figure: SPOT Pseudo-natural 2.5m

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