2.2.2 Roads Vs Linear Features Example 2

Location of Example: 152°38'48" East, 25°17'49" South
Distinctive Characteristics:
  • Fences tend to be depicted as narrower features than roads. They generally form polygonal shapes, outlining paddocks and properties. They also tend to cut across properties unlike roads.
  • The fences stand out as a narrower band of lighter blue as opposed to the thicker darker signature of the roads.
  • Fences generally enclose property boundaries or internal paddocks but do not provide connectivity or access to the farm infrastructure, i.e. Homesteads, Buildings, Water Tanks, etc.
Regional Considerations:
Figure: Representation of Roads Vs Fences.

Figure: Orthophotography 60cm RGB=123 Figure: SPOT 2.5m RGB=321

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