2.8.3 Power Station Or Power Generation Facility Example 2

Location of Example: 150°05'04" East, 33°24'14" South
Distinctive Characteristics:
  • Coal Power Generation Facilities produce electricity from the combustion of coal.
  • They consist of a distinctive big cooling chimney and several more narrow tall chimneys. Coal Power Generation Facilities will have surrounding waterbodies for cooling and the collection of tailings.
  • Associated infrastructure may include coal stockpiles, conveyors, roads, railways and a substation for the conversion and distribution of power generated.
Regional Considerations:
    Coal Power Generation Facilities are usually found on the outskirts of small communities, often with mines nearby.
Figure: Representation of a Coal Fired Power Station and Associated Power Generation Facility.

Figure: Orthophotography 50cm RGB=123 Figure: SPOT Pseudo-natural 2.5m RGB=123 Figure: SPOT Infrared 2.5m

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