2.5.1 Cleared Lines Example 2

Location of Example: 141°50'04" East, 27°54'22" South
Distinctive Characteristics:
  • Figure is a representation of Cleared Lines in a Remote Area (created for fire breaks, seismic monitoring, etc).
  • Cleared lines have numerous attributes that differ from roads:
    • They are generally straighter and can sometimes form a rectilinear pattern.
    • They have no pavement or bitumen.
    • There are generally no roads diverging off them.
    • There are generally no access points along these lines to buildings, dwellings or other infrastructure.
  • Cleared lines may also show signs of overgrowth if not accessed recently.
Regional Considerations:
Figure: Representation of Cleared Lines Vs Roads

Figure: SPOT 2.5 RGB=123

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