Bathymetry of the Australian Margin 2012

The Bathymetry of Australia Flythrough uses modern visualisation techniques to investigate Australia's underwater marine features captured in the 2009 Bathymetric Grid of Australia. The flythrough highlights large canyons off the coasts of Western Australia, New South Wales and South Australia, including a close-up flythrough from the deep ocean (4600m deep) to the shelf (200m deep) through the Perth Canyon, which measures an incredible 4400m from top to bottom. By comparison, the United States Grand Canyon is 1800m from top to bottom. The flythrough also passes some of Australia's shallower water features on the continental shelf, focusing on the numerous submarine banks and shoals that make up the Great Barrier Reef.

Mapping the physical features of the seabed and understanding how deep they are provides basic information, which helps us manage Australia's underwater marine jurisdiction. For example, information on shallow and deep water environments is essential to understanding the influences controlling species distribution and can help identify where species are likely to live. As a result, this flythrough and its derived data helps marine management agencies develop techniques which may be best placed to help conserve species throughout Australia's marine jurisdiction.

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Bathymetry of the Australian Margin 2012

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