Marine and Coastal Disciplines

Benthic Ecology
Marine scientists at Geoscience Australia study animals and plants living on the seafloor to understand how they relate to each other and their environment.
Marine Geochemistry
Marine geochemistry is used to understand the composition of coastal and marine water and sediments.
Marine Geophysics
Marine geophysics applies geophysical methods to study the structure, stratigraphy and composition of the seafloor.
Oceanographic researchers at Geoscience Australia use moored instruments and computer models to measure and depict the strength and directions of wave, tide and ocean currents on the Australian continental shelf.
Scientisits at Geoscience Australia are using fossils in the seafloor sediments to understand the history of Australia's oceans.
Sedimentologists at Geoscience Australia are using the size, shape and composition of sediment particles to describe Australia's seafloor and understand the processes that result in their deposition.
The Marine and Coastal Environment Group conducts marine surveys using large and small research vessels across Australia's entire marine jurisdiction.

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