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Palaeontology and Sedimentology Laboratory
The Palaeontology and Sedimentology Laboratory supports a broad range of specialist preparatory, analytical and technical services.  Our flexible and innovative service can be tailored to meet the changing demands of the scientific community.

Inorganic Geochemistry Laboratory
The Inorganic Geochemistry Laboratory specialises in the identification and analysis of rocks, minerals, soils and the fluids trapped in rocks.  This information is used to support national and regional programs, mineral systems research and regolith studies.
Isotope and Organic Geochemistry Laboratory
The Geochemistry Laboratory supports a range of research activities which contribute to improved understanding of Australia's petroleum resources. The laboratory also contributes to research in marine and coastal environments, carbon capture and storage, development of techniques in isotopic and organic geochemistry.

Hydrogeochemistry Laboratory
The Hydrogeochemistry Laboratory provides services in the area of water and sediment chemistry. The laboratory specialises in analysis of groundwaters, rain water and pore fluids (liquid samples pressed from core samples) and sediments. In contrast to commercial laboratory services, each sample can be treated and analysed individually, depending on its characteristics.

Geochronology Laboratory

Geoscience Australia houses a dedicated mineral separation laboratory, which includes specialised down draft fume cabinets to accommodate use of heavy liquids.


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