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Exploration Data Hydrocarbon Migration and Seepage in the Timor Sea and Browse Basin. An Integrated SAR and Geological Study GIS.

Note: This metadata describes the dataset in accordance with the ANZLIC (Australia New Zealand Land Information Council) Core Metadata Guidelines Version 2.

Dataset citation

ANZLIC unique identifier: ANZCW0703003320

Title: Exploration Data Hydrocarbon Migration and Seepage in the Timor Sea and Browse Basin. An Integrated SAR and Geological Study GIS.


Custodian: Geoscience Australia

Jurisdiction: Australia



This metadata entry is for the following shape files, found in the 'exploration' directory on the CDROM:


Reference system for petroleum exploration and development wells drilled in Australia. Taken from the AGSO database called 'PEDIN".


This is general point locations for where seabed samples have been collected over the years by AGSO. Each sample has been collected by AGSO Rig Seismic Surveys.

ANZLIC search words:

  • BOUNDARIES Administrative Management
  • ENERGY Petroleum Exploration
  • MARINE Mapping

Spatial domain:

locality map

Geographic extent name: AUSTRALIA INCLUDING EXTERNAL TERRITORIES - AUSAAT - Australia - Australia

Geographic extent polygon: 121 -8.7, 127.5 -8.7, 127.5 -17, 121 -17, 121 -8.7,

Note: The format for each Geographic extent name is: Name - Identifier - Category - Jurisdiction (as appropriate) See GEN Register

Geographic bounding box:
North bounding latitude: -8.7 °
South bounding latitude: -17 °
East bounding longitude: 127.5 °
West bounding longitude: 121 °

Data currency

Beginning date: 2000-07-01

Ending date: 2000-11-05

Dataset status

Progress: Complete

Maintenance and update frequency: Not Known


Stored data format:
DIGITAL - shp ArcView shape file ArcView Geographic WGS84
Available format type:
DIGITAL - shp ArcView shape file ArcView Geographic WGS84

Access constraints:

Licence required

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Data quality


wells - This data is extracted from Well Completion Reports and other scouting methods, they were then all loaded into the Oracle database 'PEDEN' by AGSO staff. The point data was exported from the AGSO Oracle database and then imported into ARCVIEW shape files. No modifications were required.

samples - The seabed samples were collected by BMR in the mid 1960's and the results were listed in the BMR Bulletin 83, (appendices A to D). The data was then keyed into excel spreadsheets in 1999 by Ian Lavering and converted to ARCVIEW shape files.

Positional accuracy:

wells - Accuracy could be greater than 500m. For older wells where Geodetic datum not available. It can not be none what projection the wells are in.

samples - The seabed sample locations are indicative only and no additional attempt has been made to check or modify the listing from the BMR Bulletin 83.

Attribute accuracy:

wells - HIGH

All the attribute data has been entered in by AGSO staff and has a high attribute of accuracy.

samples - HIGH

The sample points give a general indication of material on the seabed in the vicinity of the indicated sample point, all values are in percentages.

Logical Consistency:

No logical consistency is documented.


All vector data and details are complete and verified.

Contact information

Contact organisation: Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) (GA)
Contact position: Manager Client Services
Mail address: Cnr Jerrabomberra Ave and Hindmarsh Dr
Mail address: GPO Box 378
Locality: Canberra
State: ACT
Country: Australia
Postcode: 2601
Telephone: 02 6249 9966
Facsimile: 02 6249 9960
Electronic mail address:

Metadata information

Metadata date: 2013-03-08

Additional metadata

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All vector data is part of the:

Hydrocarbon Migration and Seepage in the Timor Sea and North Browse Basin, Northwest Shelf, Australia: An Intergrated SAR and Geological Study.

All data comes in vector format.



Datum WGS84

Units DD

Authors:Lavering, I. Webster, M. O'Brien, G.