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Bass Basin GIS project : an output of the Western Tasmanian Regional Minerals Program - geological data

Note: This metadata describes the dataset in accordance with the ANZLIC (Australia New Zealand Land Information Council) Core Metadata Guidelines Version 2.

Dataset citation

ANZLIC unique identifier: ANZCW0703004561

Title: Bass Basin GIS project : an output of the Western Tasmanian Regional Minerals Program - geological data


Custodian: Geoscience Australia

Jurisdiction: Australia



This metadata encompasses shape files found in the "geological" directory on the CD-ROM. They are as follows:-


The dataset provides outlines and names of a clipped region of Australian sedimentary basins and sub-basins onshore and offshore, in the Bass Straight region (see Geographic Extent Polygon). They were compiled as part of Geoscience Australia marketing activities aimed at encouraging further exploration of Australian oil and gas reserves.


This dataset is a spatial representation of a database of the Tectonic Elements of the Australian region (clipped to mentioned Polygon Coordinate String), based on Geoscience Australia interpretations of existing datasets and on other published information. The database is under constant development as Geoscience Australia carries out new interpretations.


These data contain interpreted basin bounding faults and basin hinges for the Bass and Durroon Basins. Fault and hinge interpretations have been based on Geoscience Australia's seismic, magnetic, and gravity datasets. Basin bounding Faults define major structures that in seismic data were interpreted to have been active during basin forming deformation. Basin Hinges define hinge lines where syn-basin tectonic structures and sedimentation make way for post-basin tectonic structures and sediment infill. Basin hinges have also been marked along areas of significant stratigraphic thinning and some volcanically dominated areas.

ANZLIC search words:

  • ENERGY Petroleum Reference
  • GEOSCIENCES Research
  • MARINE Geology and Geophysics Research
  • PHOTOGRAPHY AND IMAGERY Remote Sensing Reference

Spatial domain:

locality map

Geographic extent name: BASS STRAIT - BASS STRAIT - Ocean and Sea Regions - Australia

Geographic extent polygon: 143 -37, 149 -37, 149 -43, 143 -43, 143 -37,

Note: The format for each Geographic extent name is: Name - Identifier - Category - Jurisdiction (as appropriate) See GEN Register

Geographic bounding box:
North bounding latitude: -37 °
South bounding latitude: -43 °
East bounding longitude: 149 °
West bounding longitude: 143 °

Data currency

Beginning date: 2002-02-10

Ending date: 2002-06-10

Dataset status

Progress: Complete

Maintenance and update frequency: Not Known


Stored data format:
DIGITAL - shp ArcView shape file ArcView Geographic WGS84
Available format type:
DIGITAL - shp ArcView shape file ArcView Geographic WGS84
DIGITAL - ArcGIS-coverage ArcInfo coverage Geographic WGS84

Access constraints:

General Geoscience Australia licience agreement and fee required

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Data quality



Basin outlines were digitised in Arcinfo from the 1:2 500 000 Geological Map of Australia in 1992. Their boundaries were updated in Petroseis in 1994 by adding some offshore basins and sub-basins from the unpublished Tectonic Elements of Australia map. The 1996 update of the sedimentary basins data set included: bringing changes made to the offshore basins in 1994 into the Arcinfo coverage, further editing the offshore basin boundaries, adding volcanic provinces of the continental margin and classifying basin boundaries into basins, sub-basins and coastline. The final shapefile was clipped to Polygon Coordinate Strings previously mentioned.


The original database is held in Petroseis and updated every time there is a substantial quantity of new information available. The database can be exported as a series of shapefiles which were merged to form this dataset; alternatively, it can be exported as a series of simple ASCII files which can then be reformatted for input to other software packages (ArcView shape file).


These datasets are the interpretive results of a geological case study on the Bass Basin. Faults were drafted on hardcopy maps and subsequenlty scaned. Scanned images were georeferenced using Microstation (V J1.0) and then heads-up digitised in ArcInfo (V 8.0.2). Line coverages built and then were checked visually for errors. Coverages were then brought into ArcView (V 3.2) and converted to shapefiles.

Positional accuracy:


Nominal Scale 1:5,000,000


Nominal Scale 1:2,000,000


Nominal Scale 1:1,000,000

Faults were interpreted and digitised on mapsheets at 1:500,000 scale. Some human error may be involved with the heads-up digitising proccess.

Attribute accuracy:

The features assigned in the dataset were defined from scientific interpretations. Attributes are highly accurate as they have been verified by scientific staff on completion.







Logical Consistency:

sedimentary_basins.shp, techtonics.shp

A geoscientist visually inspected the finished dataset to make sure the attributes were accurate and the data were consistent spatially with current scientific information. Tests are also carried out on these data for data completeness, correct spatial representation, attribute accuracy, logical consistency and correctness, and where appropriate for compliance with Geoscience Australia's GIS data dictionary.


The digitised data has been visually verified against Geoscience Australia's interpreted reprocessed seismic lines (surveys: 40, 82, and 90), gravity data, and magnetic data.


sedimentary_basins.shp, techtonics.shp

Complete for continental and offshore Australia.


Complete for regional scale basin structures.

Contact information

Contact organisation: Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) (GA)
Contact position: Manager Client Services
Mail address: Cnr Jerrabomberra Ave and Hindmarsh Dr
Mail address: GPO Box 378
Locality: Canberra
State: ACT
Country: Australia
Postcode: 2601
Telephone: 02 6249 9966
Facsimile: 02 6249 9960
Electronic mail address:

Metadata information

Metadata date: 2013-03-08

Additional metadata

Metadata reference XHTML:

Metadata reference XML:

This data is a component of a product which has been contracted to Geoscience Australia by Mineral Resource of Tasmania.


polygon items:

feature feature type BASIN

ufi unique numeric identifier

b1 name of basin at surface

b2 name of basin below b1 (basin 1)

b3 name of basin below b2 (basin 2)

b4 name of basin below b3 (basin 3)

bas_type classification of basins into, single basin, overlap, dual

overlap, high, marginal shelf, volcanic and crystalline


bas_pros for use with depth to basement image - shows non prospective



line items:

name if specified the name of the tectonic element

type the type of the tectonic element


shape feature type

type basin boundary type

ufi unique numeric identifier

dip_direct generalized element dip direction represented by: N = north, E = east, S = south, and W = west

Authors:Blevin, J.E. Trigg, K. Mitchell, C. Nicholson, C.