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Australia Land Tenure 1993

Note: This metadata describes the dataset in accordance with the ANZLIC (Australia New Zealand Land Information Council) Core Metadata Guidelines Version 2.

Dataset citation

ANZLIC unique identifier: ANZCW0703005424

Title: Australia Land Tenure 1993


Custodian: Geoscience Australia

Jurisdiction: Australia



Australia Land Tenure 1993 contains boundaries and attribute information on public and private land tenure, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lands vested in communities or equivalent bodies. It has been derived from Geoscience Australia's National Public and Aboriginal Lands (NPAL) data which has been sourced from government gazette notices, cadastral maps and plans.

It provides a fundamental base layer of geographic information on which you can build a wide range of applications. This data is primarily suited to State-wide and national applications.

ANZLIC search words:

  • BOUNDARIES Mapping
  • LAND Ownership Mapping
  • LAND Use Mapping

Spatial domain:

locality map

Geographic extent name: AUSTRALIA INCLUDING EXTERNAL TERRITORIES - AUSAAT - Australia - Australia

Geographic extent polygon: 45 -9, 168 -9, 168 -90, 45 -90, 45 -9,

Note: The format for each Geographic extent name is: Name - Identifier - Category - Jurisdiction (as appropriate) See GEN Register

Geographic bounding box:
North bounding latitude: -9 °
South bounding latitude: -90 °
East bounding longitude: 168 °
West bounding longitude: 45 °

Data currency

Beginning date: Not Known

Ending date: 1993-06-30

Dataset status

Progress: Complete

Maintenance and update frequency: Not Known


Stored data format:
DIGITAL - e00 ArcInfo export (e00) ArcInfo Workstation Geographic GDA94
NONDIGITAL - Map Printed map
Available format type:
DIGITAL - mif MapInfo Interchange Format (MIF) MapInfo Geographic GDA94
DIGITAL - e00 ArcInfo export (e00) ArcInfo Workstation Geographic GDA94
DIGITAL - shp ArcView shape file ArcView Geographic GDA94

Access constraints:

The data are subject to Copyright. Data files may be downloaded from Geoscience Australia's website at A licence agreement is required.

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Data quality


Data was primarily sourced from Geoscience Australia's National Public and Aboriginal Lands data which contains data from State and Commonwealth Government gazettes. The Commonwealth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission and State Government departments provided information on Aboriginal lands not gazetted. Other information was obtained from published maps and Geoscience Australia's National Topographic Mapping Series (NTMS).

Positional accuracy:

The source material used to derive the land tenure data complies with the following statement of positional accuracy: 'Not more than 10% of well-defined points shall be in error of more than 125 metres.'

Attribute accuracy:

For this product, attribute accuracy is a measure of the degree to which the attribute values of the features agree with information from the source material. The allowable error is 1%.

Logical Consistency:

Logical consistency checking included tests to check that table and file names were consistent with the data dictionary. Graphical tests to check intersections, polygon closure, minimum sizes of polygons and topological relationships. The allowable error of logical consistency ranges from 0.5% to 5%.


Data completeness has been checked through comparison against State/Territory listings for nature conservation reserves, forestry, and Aboriginal reserves.

Contact information

Contact organisation: Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) (GA)
Contact position: Manager Client Services
Mail address: Cnr Jerrabomberra Ave and Hindmarsh Dr
Mail address: GPO Box 378
Locality: Canberra
State: ACT
Country: Australia
Postcode: 2601
Telephone: 02 6249 9966
Facsimile: 02 6249 9960
Electronic mail address:

Metadata information

Metadata date: 2013-03-08

Additional metadata

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Size of dataset: 5.5 - 6.5 MB depending on the format.

Scale/resolution: 1:5 million