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Carnarvon Shelf species level infauna data

Note: This metadata describes the dataset in accordance with the ANZLIC (Australia New Zealand Land Information Council) Core Metadata Guidelines Version 2.

Dataset citation

ANZLIC unique identifier: ANZCW0703016177

Title: Carnarvon Shelf species level infauna data


Custodian: Geoscience Australia

Jurisdiction: Australia



Geoscience Australia carried out a marine survey on Carnarvon shelf (WA) in 2008 (SOL4769) to map seabed bathymetry and characterise benthic environments through colocated sampling of surface sediments and infauna, observation of benthic habitats using underwater towed video and stills photography, and measurement of ocean tides and wave generated currents. Data and samples were acquired using the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) Research Vessel Solander. Bathymetric mapping, sampling and video transects were completed in three survey areas that extended seaward from Ningaloo Reef to the shelf edge, including: Mandu Creek (80 sq km); Point Cloates (281 sq km), and; Gnaraloo (321 sq km). Additional bathymetric mapping (but no sampling or video) was completed between Mandu creek and Point Cloates, covering 277 sq km and north of Mandu Creek, covering 79 sq km. Two oceanographic moorings were deployed in the Point Cloates survey area. The survey also mapped and sampled an area to the northeast of the Muiron Islands covering 52 sq km.

Sample/species matrix of infaunal taxa derived from Carnarvon Shelf grab samples taken on the RV Solander cruise Sol4769.

ANZLIC search words:

  • ECOLOGY Biodiversity
  • MARINE Biodiversity

Spatial domain:

locality map

Geographic extent name: AUSTRALIA EXCLUDING EXTERNAL TERRITORIES - AUS - Australia - Australia

Geographic extent polygon: 112.93 -21.49, 114.33 -21.49, 114.33 -24.14, 112.93 -24.14, 112.93 -21.49,

Note: The format for each Geographic extent name is: Name - Identifier - Category - Jurisdiction (as appropriate) See GEN Register

Geographic bounding box:
North bounding latitude: -21.49 °
South bounding latitude: -24.14 °
East bounding longitude: 114.33 °
West bounding longitude: 112.93 °

Data currency

Beginning date: 2010-12-20

Ending date: 2010-12-20

Dataset status

Progress: Complete

Maintenance and update frequency: Not Known


Stored data format:
DIGITAL - xls Microsoft Excel spreadsheet Excel GDA94
Available format type:
DIGITAL - xls Microsoft Excel spreadsheet Excel GDA94

Access constraints:

This material is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence.

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Data quality


Data log for Carnavon Shelf infauna: Sediment samples were taken using a Smith McIntyre grab. Sediment was washed on a half millimetre sieve and the retained material was preserved in ethanol. Preserved material was examined under a dissecting microscope and the animals were identified and enumerated. 20/8/10: Output from Biotally generated. Opened in PRIMER as abundance data with samples as columns. Data check function used to identify: duplicate samples (none) duplicate variables (many) all zero samples (none) all zero variables (none) negative values (none) missing values (none) Duplicate variables seem to be a problem for outputting large data sets from the Biotally database. The duplicates were checked against each other and against the data as it resides in Biotally. When it was confirmed that each duplicate was the same as others with the same name, and that they all mirrored the information originally input, the duplicate variables were selected and deleted. 23/8/10: Afternoon in the lab checking reference specimens and image library. Compound microscope examination of the material allowed the following coalescences to be made in the infauna data: Apseudomorpha_sp1 (a mislabelling) into Apseudomorpha_sp5. Gnathiidae_sp2 into Gnathiidae_sp1 (false split due to sexual dimorphism). Lovenia_elongatus into Heart_urchin. 27/8/10: Day in the lab verifying counts and identifications on the following samples: 003GR01 009GR02 012GR01 015GR01 021Gr01 030GR02 045GR01 074GR02 076GR01 078GR01 080GR01 098GR02 100GR01 177GR02 The identifications and counts were consistent between the original data and the check. No ammendments were made. 13/9/10: Haliophasma removed from data in PRIMER: count coalesced into Anthuridea_sp15. Periclemines removed from data after examination of the single specimen saw it coalesced into Caridea_sp1. 15/9/10: Misskeys: Tanaidacea_sp5_C136 in sample 022GR02 identified as a miskey. After checking the specimen its count was moved into Tanaidacea_sp1 where it belonged and the erroneous taxon was removed from the data. Ophiuroidea_sp3 was not found in 085GR01, but was a specimen of Ophiuroidea_sp13. Count was moved, taxon was removed. Ostracoda_sp8 did not occur in 083GR02. Identified as and count moved to Ostracoda_CS17 and erroneous taxon was removed. Ostracoda_sp9 did not occur in 095GR02. No specimen found in sample vial. Taxon removed from data. Count not reallocated. Anthuridae_sp10 was a miskey for Anthuridea_sp10 in sample 030GR02 (yes, they are spelt differently) and a similar problem occurred for Anthuridae_sp11 and Anthuridea_sp11 in sample 117GR03. In each case, the count was moved and the erroneous taxon was removed. 15/9/10: OTU level data set sent to Hideyasu and Piers Dunstan for checking. 15/9/10: Family level aggregate data set generated using taxa sheet: OTU to Family. Functional level aggregate data set generated using taxa sheet: OTU to function. 20/9/10: Sand descriptions from sampling log added as factors to PRIMER data set.

Positional accuracy:

Positions were recorded from the same GPS as was used for the multibeam mapping.

Attribute accuracy:

The names applied to the taxa are mostly nominal. There is scope for the names to be updated as museum taxonomists make identifications and write descriptions.

Logical Consistency:

The material was treated in a consistent fashion. Samples were sorted by Matthew McArthur, Nathan Whitta and Emma Mathes. All specimens were sorted and all material identified my Matthew McArthur.


All available samples were processed.

Contact information

Contact organisation: Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) (GA)
Contact position: Manager Client Services
Mail address: Cnr Jerrabomberra Ave and Hindmarsh Dr
Mail address: GPO Box 378
Locality: Canberra
State: ACT
Country: Australia
Postcode: 2601
Telephone: 02 6249 9966
Facsimile: 02 6249 9960
Electronic mail address:

Metadata information

Metadata date: 2013-03-08

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Authors:McArthur, M.