Information on the disciplines and techniques used by scientists in the Onshore Energy and Minerals Division.

Link to GeochemistryGeochemistry
Scientists at Geoscience Australia maintain high quality, state-of-the-art facilities for geochemical analysis of natural systems to discover how and when the various parts of the Australian continent were formed.
Link to GeochronologyGeochronology
Geochronology measures the age of earth materials and the work of geochronologists at Geoscience Australia supports basic geological mapping and develops an understanding of the geological history of the Australian continent over billions of years.
Link to GeophysicsGeophysics
Information on geophysical disciplines such as airborne electromagnetics, gravity, magnetics, magneto-tellurics, radiometrics and seismic.
Link to Spectral GeologySpectral Geology
Find out about spectral geology and how spectral data is used across various disciplines at Geoscience Australia to help understand and map geological parameters.

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