GovHack 2014

Geoscience Australia is one of a number of Australian Government agencies sponsoring GovHack as part of Public Sector Innovation Month 2014. Geoscience Australia will be offering data sets and sponsoring a prize for the best science hack - using government data for great scientific outcomes and helping people engage in, understand and use scientific information in their everyday lives.

As the national geoscientific agency, Geoscience Australia provides stewardship of a vast range of data that supports decision making in the management of Australia's precious water resources, hazard modelling for safer communities; and exploration for mineral and petroleum resources.

Example data: Landsat Data Archive

The Landsat data were acquired with a 16-day repeat capture period for the entire Australian continent, providing a temporal dimension (i.e. scenes captured at different times for the same land area) that allows time based analysis of changes in the land surface.

The following are examples of how application of time based analysis of Landsat data can provide significant value:

  • Forestry and natural resource management - analysis of deforestation
  • Agriculture - analysis of change in soil and crop condition
  • Water and drought/flood management - analysis of change in water cover
  • City and population planning - analysis of urban and city growth

Landsat data file formats

The Landsat data has been processed to the Australian Reflectance Grid 25 (ARG25) specification, comprising six spectral bands at a nominal resolution of 25m.

The WMS services provide geo-referenced map images of the Landsat scenes.
The WCS services provide access to the full resolution data. 

The published services adhere to the following conventions:

  • Each scene is published as a single WMS and WCS service;
  • Each service consists of six layers (one layer for each band); and
  • The WMS services have an additional 7th layer which is a false colour composite (ie. combination of Bands 7, 4 and 1)

How to access data

Geoscience Australia maintains a catalogue of the Geoscience Australia Landsat archive, holding ISO 19115 metadata for each Landsat scene.  The catalogue has an OGC Web Catalogue Service (CSW) allowing machine-to-machine access.