Public Talks Archive

A selection of the following public talks have been filmed and are available online for on demand viewing after the presentation.

2019 Graduate Program Showcase

10th July 2019

2019 Graduate Showcase - two talks: Mapping Geoscience Australia staff capability and capacity towards future strategic delivery; Improving automated seismic phase picking using machine learning

Sub-surface fluids: an integrated approach for assessing natural resources

3rd July 2019

Natural resources are the lifeblood of our modern economies and remain critical commodities while transiting to a “post-fossil fuel” era. The integration of multidisciplinary geoscientific data provides insights on key earth-systems distribution and evolution. This presentation will show assessments for CO2 storage potential, petroleum exploration and applications to mineral exploration and groundwater systems.

The Australian Flammability Monitoring System

26th June 2019

Marta Yebra will introduce the purpose and science of the Australian Flammability Monitoring System (AFMS), the first continental-scale prototype web service providing spatial information on Live Fuel Moisture Content (LFMC) and landscape flammability conditions derived from satellite observations.

Sensing the ups and downs of the Sydney Basin using satellite geodesy

12th June 2019

Monitoring movements of the Earth's surface contributes to a greater understanding of environmental change. This talk will show the results of a pilot study that combines geodetic observations derived from GPS and radar satellites (InSAR technique) to map surface movements related to resource extraction in the Sydney Basin.

Tsunamis in Australia: A nationally consistent view of the hazard from distant earthquakes

5th June 2019

Geoscience Australia recently released the 2018 Australian Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment (PTHA18). The PTHA18 simulates over 1 million earthquake-generated tsunami scenarios in deep waters around Australia, and provides a nationally consistent basis for inundation hazard assessments. This talk will review Australia’s tsunami history, and the science underpinning the PTHA18.

2018 Graduate Showcase

29th May 2019

Two former graduates will discuss results of their 2018 rotations. The first talk details the analysis of satellite remote sensing images to investigate the partial wall collapse of a tailings dam at the Cadia gold-copper mine in NSW Australia. The second talk describes an application in development to provide the National Earthquakes Alert Centre real-time information on their capability to detect earthquakes.

Geodata fusion for better characterising Australia’s groundwater systems

22nd May 2019

The increasing availability of high-resolution geoscientific data provides enormous opportunities for better characterising and informing the responsible management Australia’s groundwater systems. This presentation will show how scientists are combining these geoscientific datasets to take full advantage of the new data-rich era and increase our groundwater system understanding.

Welcome to Planet, Continent and Country

15th May 2019

How often do we get the feeling that our society is becoming increasingly detached from the country in which we live and even the reality that we live on an active planet? This presentation serves as a reminder of the role and mission that we have as geoscientists.

Themes in future Australian Geoscience

8th May 2019

Earth Systems, Big Data and Big Science, all underpinned by new technologies, are key themes in future geoscience. Australia, with its continent-wide data sets and in its ocean hemisphere, is well-placed to play a big part in this future, but effective collaboration is essential to realise this potential.

The Group on Earth Observations Ministerial Summit 2019: Overview and Opportunities for Geoscience Australia and beyond

1st May 2019

The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Ministerial Summit will be held in Canberra 8 November 2019. GEO is an intergovernmental partnership that uses data about our planet to support sustained and inclusive growth and development. This year’s summit will explore how earth observations can drive productivity and growth across economies.

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