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A selection of the following public talks have been filmed and are available online for on demand viewing after the presentation.

Can deep seismic reflection profiling image the fluid migration pathways in mineral systems?

14 November 2018

GA uses seismic imaging in studies of the prospectivity of mineral provinces. But research in the Yilgarn Block of WA mapped fluid behaviour in areas of high prospectivity, and showed that the technique can also directly image the pathways that mineralising fluids take from the deep crust to ore deposits.

Lean Transformation - Building Blocks For Success

31 October 2018

Presented to the Lean Thinking and Practice Australasia conference in May 2018.  This presentation covers a true story of implementing Lean thinking in Geoscience Australia Information Technology (IT) systems captured within the theme of transformation.

How understanding past glacial landscapes can inform present day Windfarm site investigations: A case study of large-scale glacitectonism during active ice sheet retreat across Dogger Bank, southern central North Sea

10 October 2018

The integration of high-resolution geophysical and geotechnical datasets acquired during a site survey for the Dogger Bank windfarm has enabled a detailed litho-and seismo-stratigraphy to be established. Understanding these landscapes, coupled with the geophysical and geotechnical data, enables a predictive "geo-model" to be established. This model involves repeated phases of folding and thrusting in response to major ice sheet advance and retreat.

Mapping Australia's mineral potential: recent developments and future directions

03 October 2018

Geoscience Australia has developed a method of mapping the continent's potential for undiscovered mineral resources. This talk will illustrate how the `mineral systems` concept has been applied in mapping the potential of several regions of Australia for deposits of copper-gold, and in mapping the entire continent for its magmatic nickel-copper-platinum potential.

Focus on Resources Division: Vision and Priorities for understanding and promoting Australia's resource potential

26 September 2018

Dr Andrew Heap will provide an overview of the exciting and innovative work of the Resources Division and why it matters to everyday Australians.

Leading the Geoscience Australia team in the search for MH370

19 September 2018

On March 8th 2014 Malaysian aircraft MH370 was lost during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, carrying 12 crew and 227 passengers.

Environmental Geoscience Division: Enabling sustainable development of our land, water and marine resources while supporting our digital economy

12 September 2018

Dr Minchin will outline the important work done by the Environmental Geoscience Division and its impact on everyday Australians.

Science and Technology in Indonesian Disaster Management: Ten Years of Indonesia - Australia Collaboration

05 September 2018

Science and technology has a significant role to play in modern disaster management. This talk will highlight how a ten year Indonesia-Australia partnership has deployed science and technology to strengthen Indonesian disaster management systems and practices.  

SHRIMP: a time machine at Geoscience Australia Our geological past providing resources for a prosperous future

29 August 2018

There is a time machine at Geoscience Australia! The Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe (SHRIMP) is a $5million mass spectrometer that measures the age of rocks. This talk will provide an overview about the achievements this machine has contributed to over the past 10 years, and its importance for future exploration opportunities.

The seven rocks that made Australia - the geology that has shaped our economy and society

22 August 2018

This talk reviews the last 4 billion years and looks to the future to identify the key geological events that have influenced Australia's economy and society.  Pilbara Banded Iron formations and Permian coal measures are obvious choices, but what others would you choose?

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