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A selection of the following public talks have been filmed and are available online for on demand viewing after the presentation.

Planting SEEDS to Maximise Data Potential: The Geoscience Australia Data Strategy

02 May 2018

In order to maintain its reputation as a pre-eminent geoscientific and spatial data agency, Geoscience Australia must strive to maximise data's potential. To successfully maximise data potential, a number of objectives will need to be achieved. These objectives, or SEEDS, form the basis of the Geoscience Australia Data Strategy.

Meet Geoscience Australia's 2018 Graduates

18 April 2018

Eight graduates were selected into the 2018 Geoscience Australia Graduate Program. Come along and learn about their journey to Geoscience Australia.

When's a warning not a warning?

04 April 2018

After the 'Summer of disasters' in 2011, Geoscience Australia began a program of social research to understand how households choose to prepare for and react to disasters. The application of the research into warnings has now been published with the many partners acquired along the way. This talk is as much about the journey as the new Total Warning System.

Global Monitoring of biological variables and the role of the Data Cube

21 March 2018

Humanities challenges are increased by changes in ecosystems and the services that they provide to us. A subset of Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) can in principle be measured with remote sensing, allowing global reporting against internationally agreed targets - provided the observing systems are appropriately designed. The recent EU H2020 program is one opportunity to help to fund the necessary research work.

Preparing for our next HPC and Data science challenges

14 March 2018

This talk will be looking to the future, and considering how Geoscience Australia in partnership with the NCI should cooperate for the next major milestones ahead in High Performance Computing and Data Science challenges. 

The National Mineral Exploration Strategy: a case study in fostering positive stakeholder relationships

07 March 2018

The vision of the National Mineral Exploration Strategy is for a sustainable economic future by unlocking Australia's hidden mineral wealth. It will achieve this by attracting ongoing investment in mineral exploration to generate new exploration opportunities, stimulate major new discoveries, and ensure the continuity and longevity of Australia's mineral resources industry for the benefit of all Australians.

Exploring for the Future: Resource development opportunities in Northern Australia

28 February 2018

This seminar will showcase the pre-competitive activities currently underway by the Exploring for the Future (EFTF) program. The presentation will highlight the range of data and information already collected under the program and upcoming data releases in 2018. 

Australian Coastal Sediment Compartment Project

21 February 2018

The Australian Coastal (Sediment) Compartment Project (ACCP) project has its origins back in 1974 when Professor Jack Davies devised the first 'compartmentilisation' of the entire Australian coast based on conceptual regional sediment budgets. 

Build the confidence to step outside your comfort zone, a Science in Australia Gender Equity SAGE@GA talk.

14 February 2018

Challenge the notion that all you need is confidence to succeed, and find out a bit about the SAGE (Science in Australia Gender Equity) program at Geoscience Australia.

Intro to Chaos Engineering

06 February 2018

Chaos engineering is a new approach to testing that involves intentionally injecting failures into live systems. Netflix were the pioneers in this space; you might have heard of their Chaos Monkey system.

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