Bioregional Assessments and the Galilee Basin

06 September 2017

View looking across a green, well vegetated
landscape, dominated by short grasses in the foreground and fringed by a
variety of native tree species across the background

Artesian spring wetland in the
Galilee Basin of central Queensland

The Bioregional Assessment Programme is assessing the potential for cumulative impacts from coal and coal seam gas developments. This research is focused on improving our knowledge of how surface water and groundwater systems respond to coal resource developments, and what impacts may occur to water-dependent assets. These multi-disciplinary scientific investigations are supported by transparent access to the datasets, information and models. Fifteen Bioregional Assessments are being undertaken in a number of coal bearing basins in eastern and Central Australia. These include: Sydney, Gunnedah, Surat, Arckaringa, Pedirka, Cooper and Galilee basins.

This presentation will provide a background on the Galilee Bioregional Assessment and outline some of the new research findings on geology and regional hydrogeology that underpin the assessment. Final results of the Galilee Bioregional Assessment will be publicly available in late 2017.

Tim Evans is a hydrogeologist in the Groundwater Branch at Geoscience Australia and is the project leader for Galilee Bioregional Assessment. He holds an MSc in hydrogeology and groundwater management from University Technology, Sydney. Prior to joining Geoscience Australia in 2013, Tim worked as a geologist and hydrogeologist in the private sector on a range of projects including appraisal of minerals and energy resources, as well as investigations into groundwater issues and environmental assets.

This talk is presented as part of the Distinguished Geoscience Australia Lecturer series.

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Date: 06 September 2017
Time: 11.00am
Location: Sir Harold Raggatt Theatre, Geoscience Australia
Cost/bookings: Free, No bookings required
Audience: General
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