Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Assessment Tool: From the ground down

20 September 2017

screen dump of the landing page of the CCS Assessment tool

The CCS Assessment Tool

The CO2 Sub-surface Assessment Project (COSSAP) delivered a new application called the CCS Assessment Tool The CCS Assessment Tool is a comprehensive and powerful modern geospatial web based decision support tool utilising high quality national data products to aid information discovery, visualisation and modelling of planning scenarios using the best available data. The CCS Assessment Tool breaks new ground providing visualisation and decision support for a disparate-range of infrastructure planning needs and CCS assessment across government and industry alike.

Mark Webster has various geosciences and IT credentials and is a veteran within Geoscience Australia. He has vast corporate knowledge and experience in supporting the ever changing science outcomes for Geoscience Australia and within his role has shown how enabling ICT outcomes can deliver strategic science needs; Mark has proven there is a deep partnership with science deliverables and ICT strategies.

This talk is presented as part of the Wednesday Seminar Series.

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Date: 20 September 2017
Time: 11.00am
Location: Sir Harold Raggatt Theatre, Geoscience Australia
Cost/bookings: Free, No bookings required
Audience: Technical/General
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