IODP Expedition 369 - understanding Cretaceous climate and oceans in the southern hemisphere

02 August 2017

Large ship with drilling rig sailing in the open ocean, with land in the distance

IODP Expedition 369 will be undertaken
using the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution

The upcoming International Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) expedition 369 in September-November 2017 will drill several stratigraphic wells off southern and southwest Australia in the Bight and Mentelle basins. This expedition will study how the Earth's climate and oceans responded to elevated levels of atmospheric CO2.

The tectonic and paleoceanographic setting of this region offers an outstanding opportunity to investigate the onset and evolution of the Oceanic Anoxic Events (OAEs) in the southern hemisphere. A comprehensive sampling plan developed by Geoscience Australia aims at investigating climatic and oceanic drivers for the onset of OAEs, geochemical evolution of water chemistry and changes in the biota.

Dr Irina Borissova is a senior geoscientist in the Geoscience Australia's Resources Division, Energy Systems Branch. Irina is a Section Leader for Energy Frontiers and has contributed to the development of the IODP proposal for the expedition 369. She is also a member of ANZIC IODP Science Committee.

Jennie Totterdell is a principal geologist in Geoscience Australia's Energy Systems Branch. She is an experienced basin analyst specialising in seismic interpretation and structural analysis. Jennie has worked extensively on Australia's offshore frontier basins, and was a lead proponent of a proposal for IODP drilling in the Bight Basin.

This talk is presented as part of the Wednesday Seminar Series.

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Date: 02 August 2017
Time: 11.00am
Location: Sir Harold Raggatt Theatre, Geoscience Australia
Cost/bookings: Free, No bookings required
Audience: Technical
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