Searching for paleoclimate archives on the East Antarctic margin with the RV Investigator: Sabrina Seafloor Survey 2017

30 August 2017

Large ship in the antarctic water

RV Investigator in Antarctic waters.
Image by Doug Thost
Marine National Facility.

The Totten Glacier is a large outlet glacier in East Antarctica which is potentially vulnerable to global warming. In 2017, a multinational team led by Macquarie University mapped and sampled sediments on the continental slope seaward of the Totten in order to recover records of its behaviour during past climate cycles. The survey documented a series of submarine canyons and sediment ridges and obtained long piston cores which potentially cover 300,000 years of climate history. We also recorded sea floor videos from the shelf and upper slope to aid habitat mapping.

Phil O'Brien joined BMR/Geoscience Australia from Melbourne University in 1980. He worked on onshore basins till 1992 when he joined the Antarctic Cooperative Research Centre Project. He continued working with Geoscience Australia's Antarctic Geoscience Project until retiring in 2011. He has participated in 8 Antarctic surveys including an Ocean Drilling Program leg and Law of the Sea surveys. He is now an Adjunct Fellow at Macquarie University.

This talk is presented as part of the Wednesday Seminar Series.

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Date: 30 August 2017
Time: 11.00am
Location: Sir Harold Raggatt Theatre, Geoscience Australia
Cost/bookings: Free, No bookings required
Audience: Technical
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