Public Talks Archive

A selection of the following public talks have been filmed and are available online for on demand viewing after the presentation.

What lies beneath: understanding the lithospheric architecture of Australia

15 June 2016

Australia's surface geology is dominated by relatively recent sediment layers limiting exposure of the older prospective basement. By examining geophysical data, we can map differences in important properties of the lithosphere, revealing the geological structures beneath the obscuring cover of Australia.

Science First: Building the Digital Science capability

08 June 2016

Geoscience Australia's Science First program was initiated in mid-2015 to achieve better ICT services, empowered people and focus on advanced geoscience. The program is harnessing the opportunities for Geoscience Australia to continue to provide first class geoscience in the future by embracing Digital Science. 

Influencing the uptake of sensor data in emergency management

01 June 2016

This talk will explore how data product developers can tailor products to increase the likelihood of their product being incorporated in emergency management decision making.

Discover more with Geoscience Australia's Doc Fisher Library

25 May 2016

This presentation will celebrate Library and Information Week 2016, by exploring Geoscience Australia's NH (Doc) Fisher Library's current citizen science project to make their collection of Antarctic geological field notebooks more discoverable.

Designed for Impact: Geoscience Australia's Exposure Report

18 May 2016

Learn about the role of the Emergency Management Australia in disaster recovery and how Geoscience Australia provides relevant and timely fundamental geographic information to enhance government's situational awareness of disaster affected communities.

The Australian Flood Risk Information Portal: a case study in being more agile

11 May 2016

Building an agile culture is an important part of the Geoscience Australia's Science First Program to deliver better services, empower people and support advanced geoscience.  This involves the creation of multi-disciplinary teams to undertake software development projects in a collaborative and iterative manner.  The first project tackled under the new software development regime was an update to the Australian Flood Risk Information Portal.

Australia's Resources and Energy Commodity Outlook

04 May 2016

The Resources and Energy Quarterly March 2016 edition was released by the Office of the Chief Economist on 8 April 2016. The talk will outline developments in Australia's resources and energy sectors and the prospects for key commodities over the next five years.

Risk from induced earthquakes in the Netherlands

27 April 2016

The Slochteren gas field in north-east Holland has made the country energy self-sufficient for the past four decades. However, the large volumes of gas extracted have caused extensive subsidence, manifesting itself as earthquakes. This talk will provide an overview of the risk management issues faced in north-east Holland as a result of these induced earthquakes.

Australia's Antarctic Interests

20 April 2016

Antarctica is strategically important to Australia: we assert sovereignty over 42 per cent of the Antarctic continent, and 36 per cent of Australia's maritime jurisdiction lies south of the Australian continent. This talk will look at Australia's Antarctic interests, recent Government initiatives and the future for Australia's Antarctic efforts.

Australia's Continental Shelf - key characteristics and ancient coastlines

13 April 2016

The Australian continental shelf contains petroleum, fisheries and environmental assets of great economic value, with marine industries contributing around $44 billion to the national economy each year, which is expected to increase to around $100 billion by 2025. However, the marine environment is also of great social and ecological significance, which requires development to be managed in an effective and sustainable way.

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