Public Talks Archive

A selection of the following public talks have been filmed and are available online for on demand viewing after the presentation.

Geologic controls on Antarctic Ice-sheet dynamics

07 September 2016

The objective of the Investigating the Cryospheric Evolution of the Central Antarctic Plate (ICECAP) program is to understand the underlying geology, the structure and behaviour of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, and subglacial processes of East Antarctica.

National Elevation Data: The Fugitive, The Matrix and Viva Las Vegas

31 August 2016

The move to an improved picture of Australia's elevation is changing the way we do business as custodians of national elevation information.

Geoscience Portal - discovery, delivery and analysis of geoscience data as standards-based web services

24 August 2016

The new Geoscience Portal is a state-of-the-art online mapping application that brings together geoscience spatial data from all Australian government jurisdictions, via live web services from locations around Australia.

The Cooper Basin petroleum prospectivity study

10 August 2016

A multi-year study has significantly improved our understanding of the petroleum resource potential of Australia's premier onshore hydrocarbon province. The study has received considerable industry attention for its fresh and innovative approach in changing the perception of the petroleum prospectivity of a mature petroleum province.

Location information - an essential ingredient for a 21st century economy

17 August 2016

Location information is vital for helping people make decisions that affect lives, prosperity, safety and the environment they live in.

Science 101 - Introduction to Earth Science

03 August 2016

'Introduction to Earth Science', the first in a Science 101 seminar series, will include an introductory overview by Geoscience Australia's Chief Scientist, followed by a number of short presentations on geological time, plate tectonics, geological processes and rocks.

Innovation Showcase: Positioning, Earth observations and Minerals

27 July 2016

Geoscience Australia will be hosting an Innovation Showcase as part of APS Innovation Month. The seminar will highlight recent and ongoing geoscience innovations with the potential to influence the Australian Government's ability to use geoscience for more effective decision making.

The Hydrogeological Atlas of the Great Artesian Basin

13 July 2016

The Great Artesian Basin is Australia's most well-known and globally significant hydrogeological entity. The recently released Hydrogeological Atlas of the Great Artesian Basin provides, for the first time, a single reference point of up-to-date data and knowledge on this critical groundwater reservoir.

Outcomes of the National Flood Risk Information Project 2012-16

20 July 2016

This talk will discuss the outcomes of the National Flood Risk Information Project to improve accessibility to authoritative flood study information across Australia.

International Ocean Discovery Program in the Australian region

08 July 2016

Professor Neville Exon will present an overview of upcoming International Ocean Discovery Program expeditions in the Australian region, and outline opportunities for involvement of Australian scientists.

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