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A selection of the following public talks have been filmed and are available online for on demand viewing after the presentation.

Disaster risk reduction: when nature comes knocking

16 December 2015

Natural disasters will continue to have a significant impact on Australia's economy, the environment and society in the foreseeable future. This talk will present several examples of Geoscience Australia's disaster risk reduction capability. It will outline what impact a tsunami, tropical cyclone or earthquake may have, and demonstrate how modelling hypothetical events can inform strategies to improve community resilience.

Evolution of a continent: The geology of Australia and how it shaped a nation

09 December 2015

Many facets of our lives as Australians are shaped by geology. From the enormous mineral and energy wealth to our coastal living; all are legacies of Australia's geology. Australia's ancient geological past tells us much about planet Earth and how it has changed and continues to change and what that means for us today.

Building a renewable energy future for Australia

02 December 2015

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) was established in 2012 to make renewable energy solutions more affordable and increase the amount of renewable energy used in Australia. The agency has two prime objectives: to improve the competitiveness of renewable energy technologies, and to increase the supply of renewable energy in Australia.

The National Marine Science Plan: Driving the development of Australia's blue economy

25 November 2015

The recently released National Marine Science Plan 2015-2025 articulates the science required to address the most significant challenges facing Australia's marine environments and highlights the importance of national and international collaborations to increasing our understanding of the oceans and how they contribute to Australia's prosperity. 

Deep stratigraphic drilling on the Lord Howe Rise: tectonics, paleoclimate and deep life

18 November 2015

Geoscience Australia, together with the Japan Agency for Marine Earth Science and Technology, is leading an international effort to realise deep stratigraphic drilling of a sedimentary basin on the Lord Howe Rise. This drilling will provide insight into Cretaceous tectonics, paleoclimate and paleoceanography at the eastern margin of Gondwana and help define the limits to deep microbial life in extreme environments.

How communicating hazard and risk is helping improve development outcomes in PNG

11 November 2015

Geoscience Australia's geospatial data is currently being used to help improve understanding of drought conditions in Papua New Guinea. This talk will explain how a collaborative science and strategic communications approach is being used to deliver this data to PNG officials to support more effective decision making.

Geoscience Australia's role in the Australian Government's Crisis Coordination Centre

28 October 2015

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is particularly true in relation to recent developments and enhancements which have come about via the collaboration between Geoscience Australia and Emergency Management Australia (EMA).

Predictive mapping of the cover: implications for mineral exploration

21 October 2015

The use of digital regolith mapping techniques has been pioneered at Geoscience Australia by Dr John Wilford. This approach extends traditional regolith and surface mapping techniques to quantitative modelling and prediction of physical and chemical characteristics of the cover from local to national scales.

Earthquakes - the Australian experience

14 October 2015

This talk will outline Geoscience Australia's role in providing a 24/7 earthquake monitoring and alerting service in our region, and as part of the Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre.

UNCOVER: unlocking Australia's mineral potential

07 October 2015

The recently released AMIRA Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover, outlines a new long-term research and development strategy for the minerals industry and for collection of new pre-competitive geoscience data needed to help locate new mineral deposits.

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