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A selection of the following public talks have been filmed and are available online for on demand viewing after the presentation.

High Resolution Seismic Reflection Studies in Finland

25 February 2015

The relatively similar geology of Finland and Australia provides an excellent opportunity to consider future collaborations regarding development of seismic processing methods and interpretation tools in hard rock environments. 

LaunchBox: Use of lean business principles in the creation of a space venture

11 February 2015

As students become less engaged in Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) activities, and fewer of the engaged students continue studying science at university, a skillset shortage is being created.

Real-time stream-processing of satellite imagery for time critical applications

29 January 2015

Software development company Pinkmatter Solutions has been developing ways to extract information from Earth observing satellites in real-time, as the data stream is received at the ground station and within seconds of the satellite passing overhead. 

Is groundwater in the Pacific Islands vulnerable to future climates

10 December 2014

Islands in the Pacific region rely heavily on groundwater and, for many islands; it is the only reliable source of freshwater throughout the year. 

Marine Pollution Response and the National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies

03 December 2014

A general overview of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority's main areas of operation, and more specifically the Marine Pollution Response and the National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies. 

Data visualisation: meeting the challenges of emerging technologies

26 November 2014

Data visualisation is an important capability for all science agencies, adding value to projects and enhancing communication about data and its significance. 

Application of ground and spaceborne thermal infrared data for monitoring dryland surface processes

19 November 2014

With continued climate change, most of the Earth's drylands will experience increasing temperatures and decreasing precipitation

GIS Day: Discovering the world through GIS

19 November 2014

Join the worldwide celebration of GIS Day, the annual salute to geospatial technology and its power to transform and improve our lives.

The Virtual Geophysics Laboratory: contributing to the high performance computing evolution

12 November 2014

Geoscience Australia is custodian of petabytes of precompetitive geophysical data. In this talk Dr Carina Kemp will present the past, present and future developments on the Virtual Geophysics Laboratory (VGL) from its humble beginnings, to its future potential as an industry tool to assist uncovering the next generation of mineral, energy and groundwater resources in Australia.

Geospatial and data visualisation influences on decision making in the 21st century

04 November 2014

Leading geospatial expert Professor Tim Foresman will provide insight into the rapidly developing geospatial and data visualisation technologies that are transforming our capacity for global decision making in the 21st Century.

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