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A selection of the following public talks have been filmed and are available online for on demand viewing after the presentation.

Offshore Vlaming Sub-basin: Where can we store CO2

17 September 2014

The talk will focus on critical scientific questions underpinning the CO2 storage potential of the Vlaming Sub-basin. The basin lies close to industrial sources of CO2 emissions in the Perth region and contains a number of reservoirs potentially suitable for CO2 storage.

Trialling Sentinel Hotspots on Amazon Web Services

13 August 2014

This talk will discuss what cloud technology is and its potential benefits to Geoscience Australia through first-hand experiences in deploying, running and testing a Geoscience Australia application, Sentinel Hotspots, using Amazon Web Services.

Geoscience Australia's leading role in the Open Data Network

23 July 2014

This talk will explain the series of projects over the past few years that have cemented Geoscience Australia's role as a leading exemplar of Open Data.

Life in icy waters: A geoscience perspective on life at the seafloor

02 July 2014

Geoscience Australia has been actively involved in the development of the East Antarctic MPAs through provision of key datasets and advice.

Environmental isotope applications in groundwater and water resources research at ANSTO

26 March 2014

The talk will provide an overview of ANSTO’s research capabilities with particular focus on isotope and chemical tracers in water resources and groundwater.

Meet Geoscience Australia's 2014 Graduates

19 March 2014

Come along to an introduction session by the nine new participants in Geoscience Australia's 2014 Graduate Program about their journey to Geoscience Australia.

Towards an understanding of social vulnerability and resilience to disasters

19 March 2014

This presentation will explain the social research program at Geoscience Australia, including the relatively recent development of a post-disaster survey capability after the 'Summer of Disasters' in 2011.

Potential-field data as an aid to identifying the elements of a petroleum system

05 March 2014

Senior geoscientist Dr Ron Hackney will demonstrate recent use of potential-field data on the Australian continental margin as a means for providing constraints on the thickness and nature of basin fill, the character of basement and crustal structure.

Is there a future for carbon capture and storage in Northern Australia?

05 March 2014

A recently completed geoscience study by Geoscience Australia indicates that the Petrel Sub-basin (Bonaparte Basin), offshore Northern Territory, is geologically suitable for the storage of CO2.

The petroleum industry supporting community-led conservation in the Kikori Delta of PNG

26 February 2014

University of Canberra guest speaker Professor Arthur Georges will talk about his industry-supported conservation project in Papua New Guinea, studying the large riverine pig-nosed turtle, Carettochelys insculpta.

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