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A selection of the following public talks have been filmed and are available online for on demand viewing after the presentation.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Assessment Tool: From the ground down

20 September 2017

This is a rare opportunity to hear from the experts involved in Cloud based data delivery, data optimisation requirements for interactive multi-criteria assessments and modern technology platforms. This includes a demonstration of the CCS Assessment Tool, with short overviews of methods and technology that underpin the tool's rich functionality.

Outcomes of GA's 2015/16 Science Evaluation

13 September 2017

This talk will present an overview of GA's recent science evaluation process, a two-year endeavour that considered the science programs of the organisation and developed recommendations to guide its future directions.

Bioregional Assessments and the Galilee Basin

06 September 2017

The Galilee Bioregional Assessment is assessing the potential for cumulative impacts from coal and coal seam gas developments. This presentation will outline some of the new research findings of geology and regional hydrogeology that underpin the assessment. Final results on potential impacts will be publicly available in late 2017.

Searching for paleoclimate archives on the East Antarctic margin with the RV Investigator: Sabrina Seafloor Survey 2017

30 August 2017

Early 2017 saw the first full Antarctic geoscience survey on Australia's new National Facility RV Investigator to map and sample the Antarctic continental slope south of Western Australia. The survey aimed to recover paleoclimate records for a major outlet glacier, the Totten Glacier.

Unlocking Value back from Geoscience Australia's legacy data sets

23 August 2017

Geoscience Australia holds large quantities of data and samples collected over the last 100 years.  This series of presentations examines the unlocking and use of some of these older data sets.

You, me and Geodesy: How geodesy enables more than navigation and precise positioning.

16 August 2017

Geodesy is the science of measuring the shape and gravity field of the Earth and how it changes over time. It enables many things in our day-to-day life from financial transactions to satellite communication. Many of us take it for granted; but, where would be without it?

Marine Spatial Planning in Pacific Island Countries

09 August 2017

The natural resources in marine and coastal areas not only play a significant role in the cash economies of the Pacific island states, they also dominate the population's nutritional and cultural resources. This project is assisting national governments to: conduct economic valuations of marine resources, implement Marine Spatial Planning, and scale up effective approaches to coastal site management.

IODP Expedition 369 - understanding Cretaceous climate and oceans in the southern hemisphere

02 August 2017

IODP expedition 369 in September-November 2017 will drill several stratigraphic wells off southwest Australia in the Bight and Mentelle basins. This expedition will study how the Earth's climate and oceans responded to the elevated levels of atmospheric CO2, the evolution of water chemistry and changes in the biota.

An energy revolution? How unconventional petroleum resource assessments improve our understanding of the national resource endowment

26 July 2017

Geoscience Australia has completed a series of unconventional (shale and tight gas and liquids) petroleum resource assessments. This presentation will set the context for the work, describe the methods and briefly present the results.

Towards Earthquake-resilient Buildings: Rupture Process & Exposure/Damage Analysis of the 2013 M7.1 Bohol Philippines

19 July 2017

This talk highlights the ground motion simulations for the 2013 Bohol Philippines earthquake and the development of building fragility and vulnerability models. In this post-event assessment, emphasis is placed in assembling a comprehensive exposure/damage database whenever damaging earthquakes occur, for more credible earthquake impact forecasts and loss estimation. 

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